Oh, The Things You'll Eat In Skyrim

One of the best things about Bethesda's games is the level of granularity in their inventory items—from tiny alchemical ingredients to pieces of meat, just about every tiny thing in the game can be carried and consumed.

Over at Kill Screen, Gus Mastrapa has taken us on a tour of the cuisine he's enjoyed during the opening bits of Skyrim—from the start of the section that's been shown off in many a preview, Gus chooses the road less traveled. Specifically, he chooses to track down as many edible things as possible, and catalogue them.

The butterfly lit upon a large rock, then took to the air. I looked up, plucked the creature out of the air, and checked my inventory. I'd already plucked its wings from its body-presumably to be mixed into a potion. Rather than waiting to find a use for this strange reagent, I ate the wings. A golden aura swirled around my body and I discovered that butterfly wings can restore health. It was then that I decided to push west and eat everything in Skyrim that I could get my hands on.

In addition to "a monarch butterfly," Gus's quest led him to ingest plenty of other things including a torchbug, venison, uncooked potato and cabbage, some raw beef and chicken breast, and even a cooked salmon steak, among other things. I'm sure you're wondering: did he eat any dragons? Well, sort of. He ate "a bee and a dragonfly."

It's a fun post, and a reminder of the incredible (almost ridiculous?) level of detail in the upcoming game. OK time to go fry up this salmon I caught.

Things I Ate in Skyrim [Kill Screen Daily]


    That's a pretty cool article. Seeing as how there are a million previews of Skyrim already, this quirky take on the activity brings a lot of charm to what would have been old hat. And like the other one posted on Kotaku last week about being a total bastard, this shows just how much fun you can have by doing your own thing.

    "...I put two whole cheese wheels into my mouth..."
    - Brilliant.

    can you eat people?

    when you're a werewolf, yeah, proably.

    yawn, another boring rpg failure.

      That's the thing about the Elder Scrolls series, you're only limited by your imagination.

    I am going to be honest with you all. My testicles are positively aching for this game.

    This is what makes Elder Scrolls games so utterly wonderful.

    Even with Morrowind I can still go dive back in and find something new.

    Even my Mum plays The Elder Scrolls!

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