Skyrim Loses All Textures, Looks Like Team Fortress 2

The creators of this video, HouseholdGamer, call this series of Skyrim tweaks a "Team Fortress 2" mode. I can see the resemblance, but to me, it looks like like a Killer7 mode.

It looks this weird because there are no textures. None whatsoever. There's just 3D models, the sky and you, which is why everything looks so naked. And surprisingly awesome.

Skyrim Without Textures Looks...Pretty Cool, Actually [GameSetWatch]


    Maybe my mate might actually be able to run this game on his PC :)

    Reminds me of the 80's animated Heavy Metal film, or Fire and Ice

    Reminds me of the Oldblivion project where a group modified the game to not use the advanced (thus CPU and GPU hungry) rendering features thus allowing Oblivion to run on older hardware.

    Uhhgg werewolf spoilers.

      This is nothing like Oldblivion. That made the game run on older hardware by forcing it to use only Pixel Shader 2.0 as opposed to the default PS 3.0. It didn't affect textures, but shaders.

    If it lost all textures, why is the picture in color and not grey? I think you mean "lost MOST textures, not all"

      That is really no textures. The game is just displaying filled polygons. However, it is unusual that game engines assign textureless colors to the geometry. Usually all gets grey looking. it is kind of awsome that the developers of skyrim put an effort on making an engine that does so. But that is what textureless games look.

    actually, lost textures in skyrim have this funny pinkish-purple color applied to them.
    I think this is probably using only the distant-render textures.

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