Skyrim Teaches A 3-Year-Old About Bullying

This 3-year-old girl is about to learn a tough life lesson: Never attack a villager in Skyrim or the guards will come and get you. That or, don't be a bully. One of those.

In the video the little girl gets annoyed when a villager tells her she has to leave. "NO!" she screams. Then follows that up with a couple of swipes of the sword to hapless, annoyed villager. Her reaction to the guard dogpile that ensues is priceless.


    What a terrible father! I would NEVER let a 3 year old anywhere near a game as violent as Skyrim.

    I know that this article is abbout promoting cause-and-effect and a three-year-old learning wrong from right, but seriously... Not cool.

      Well, at least she's not playing COD, unlike the rest of her friends at daycare.

        COD would probably be better. In that you kill faceless, nameless people. And, there's no choice. With this you can make the conscious decision to kill people with names, faces and lives. And what's a kid going to do? They'll want to use their sword a lot.

      Yeah, I don't think she's learning wrong from right, the celebration when she killed the townsperson was disturbing.

      Seriousjly? "Terrible Father"? Who the fuck are you to judge? What did you write the book on parenting? How do you know what this kids going to grow up to be? So if a kid plays a violent video game its bad for them? Really? Can you back this up? Do you even remember what you were doing when you were 3 years old? Huh faggot?

    People don't want to be sworded. Indeed.

    Yeah I don't think I could let my 3 year old play Skyrim.

    I've let her watch most of Avatar (she gets bored long before there is any bloodshed). She loves Star Wars (walks around the house being Darth Vadar). In fact was watching Phantom Mence and was explaining that the little boy was Darth Vadar. She was very confused about this and couldn't accept the little boy becomes a bad man like Darth Vadar.

    All and all I think if you walk them through this sort of content, as was the point of the video/article, your child can learn valuable stories no different to the, gruesome, fair tales that we read em to bed.

    I still find it difficult to explain why the piggies are somehow justified in killing the wolf at the end of the story.

    This reminds me of the kid (with his dad) playing GTA who was following the road rules, speed limit and so on and was upset when he accidently ran down a pedestrian.

    As for this clip, hopefully she did leran a lesson (People don't like being hit) and hopefully her dad used the experience as well that when you're asked to do something, you should do it, as not doing it can involve you being smashed by town guards. Uh, i mean, get in trouble with your parents.

    This clip kinda makes skyrim look terrible... the villager just stands there repeating "you need to leave" over and over, never changing it up at all or trying to force the issue.

    game is 18 plus pal...what ppl are doing with their children...

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