Street Fighter X Tekken To Feature Inter-Franchise Cross-Dressing

The characters of Street Fighter x Tekken are going to be trading more than blows. Capcom and Namco's characters are going to be swapping outfits when the martial arts mash-up hits next year. The shots over at Capcom Unity show Tekken's obese ass-kicker Bob in a Ryu-style gi and Street Fighter mainstay Chun Li in a Panda suit. There's more over Capcom Unity.

Street Fighter X Tekken alternate costumes are beautifully bizarre [Capcom Unity]


    Zangeif is wearing Kuma's skin. And is about to be eaten by a tyrannosaur. Mental.

      Someone should tell Peta about this. It's disgusting, the game should be banned

    Rad, new costumes in it whooooooo.....oh wait, its crapcom, so this will all be overpriced DLC which wont be compatable with the upgraded version of the game they'll release 6-10 months later.......

    It looks awesome, but it's how it will play that worries me...

    oh my god - girl in sexy panda outfit. heres all my cash, *gimme*

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