The Week In The Business: ‘Nintendo May Perish In The Flames Of Its Burning Platform’

The Week In The Business: ‘Nintendo May Perish In The Flames Of Its Burning Platform’

What’s happened in the business of video games this past week…

QUOTE | “Nintendo may jump or perish in the flames of its own burning platform.” — Peter Farago, VP of mobile analytics firm Flurry says the numbers shows Nintendo’s and Sony’s handhelds are doomed.

QUOTE | “Steam has nowhere to go but down.” — David Cole of DFC Intelligence and other analysts talk about Steam’s dominance in digital and whether EA’s Origin can make a legitimate dent.

QUOTE | “Xbox 720 will be cheaper and far smaller than the 360.” — A reliable source called “MS nerd” gives interesting details on Microsoft’s next console.

QUOTE | “Game developers are poised to be the next great storytellers of our time.” — Glen Schofield, co-founder of Sledgehammer Games, talks about their studio and what’s exciting them about the industry.

QUOTE | “Nothing goes up forever.” — Wedbush Securities’ Michael Pachter and other analysts discuss whether Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3might have reached its peak.

QUOTE | “Microsoft expects to release Xbox 720 sometime during holiday 2012 .” — SuperSite for Windows owner Paul Thurott talks about Microsoft’s new console code-named “Project Ten” and some of the features he believes it will have.

QUOTE | “Game consumers are the ones losing in all this.” — IndustryGamers’ David Radd explains the war between used games and online passes.

QUOTE | “It’s not clear what Nintendo’s going to bring to the party.” — Analyst John Taylor, when asked about whether Nintendo’s president Satoru Iwata might lose his job.

QUOTE | “We’ve already seen Skylanders characters sell for as much as $US70 on eBay.” — Eric Hirshberg, Activision Publishing CEO on how Skylanders: Spyro’s Adventures is kicking butt.

QUOTE | “About 10 per cent want to buy a PS Vita, and less than 10 per cent want to buy a Wii U.” — A study of Japanese consumers shows little interest in next-gen platforms..

QUOTE | “We compete with Game centre and OpenFeint but they don’t have the weapons.” — Clive Downie, VP of First Party publishing at ngmoco, on why their Mobage social network/platform for Android and iOS will win out.

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  • Just on the first one, I’ve just read how first year 3DS sales are about to outdo the DS in it’s first year so I’m not sure they’re in as big a trouble as everyone assumes.

  • “Steam has nowhere to go but down.”

    Or stay firmly placed in number one position…I know I’m no business analyst but unless Valve do something drastically stupid then they have nothing to fear from Origin since EA have proven they have no idea how to make or run an online client/store time and time again over the last six years.

    • Speaking of Origin… I was playing Pictureka! on iPad the other day (it’s basically a game where you look at a picture then find certain elements before the timer runs out). They introduced a “quick game” feature in the latest update, which I was keen to try out… but oh hey, I have to log into Origin to play this new mode. What 😐

  • We should archive these and review them every year (say next year when the next Call of Duty breaks sales charts again) to see how wrong all this analyst crap so often turns out to be.

  • Oh Dear God!!! Really? A mobile platform developer thinks that the 9 million + 3DS’ sold along with the potential millions of Vita preorders spells doom and gloom for 3DS AND Vita. I hate mobile platform developers so much.

    Handheld platforms often have longer life cycles than mobile platforms. I would not be surprised to see Zynga crash a burn 3 years from now once the next big casual sensation arrives. Vita and 3DS are here to stay.

    Steam will grow. Everyone knows it. Only reason people use Origin is to play EA Games games via download, the customers have no other option. If they did, no one would use Origin, Steam succeeded first, is cheaper and is the better and more popular service.

    I hope a smaller Xbox doesn’t mean a disc-less Xbox, going by digital only service. Imagine how many people would be cut off from a big departure like that.

    Uncharted and Mass Effect are better than most movies I see these days. A pretty big no brainer that they’re taking over films in terms of story-telling. Still can’t hold a candle to the good ol’ book though.

    DRM, copyright protection devices and other expensive add-ons to PC games are driving people to consoles or pirating in the first place. The anti-pirating stuff in ARMA II and games by those developers use funny effects or wipe your save data near the end if you are using a pirated copy. Now THAT is clever anti-piracy measures and ones I think ALL developers should use.

    Nintendo still has the strengths of its first party games, and hopefully the Wii U’s more traditional control scheme along with the second big screen is enough to keep 3rd party publishers interested for more than 3 years. 3DS may have been released too early, but the sales numbers alongside limited AAA game releases show the handheld still has potential, even if the Vita is poised to take over as handheld of choice.

  • “Microsoft expects to release Xbox 720 sometime during holiday 2012 .”

    Last I heard they were going to unveil the console at E3 2013?

  • judging by the state of the finances in the orld atm I don’t trust anything analysts or stockbrokers say they’re pretty much turning the worl to **** for a quick buck and have no futuresight whatsoever

  • 2012 might be believable, if there’s dev kits out the hardware is pretty much set in stone. Now, like the Wii U, it’s simply having the time to manufacture enough units to meet demand. Let’s just hope MS doesn’t skimp on heatsinks and heat efficiency this time round huh?

    There was talk filtering down to the aussie nintendo reps that the U was going to be pushed for christmas in Japan this year, and mid-year US/EU/AU thereafter. There was a big squeeze on manufacturing enough units tho.. looks like the idea has been discarded.

    10% of Japan wanting a Vita is still 12.7mill sales. How is that not healthy?

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