There’s A Zelda 3DS Handheld, And It Is Stunning

So far only revealed for the European market, this black with gold trimmings 3DS handheld is being released by Nintendo to commemorate the franchise's 25th anniversary.

It'll be out in Europe on November 25, and includes a copy of Ocarina of Time 3D.


    If only i could swap my current one for one of these :/

    God dammit, Nintendo! Why the hell would you release this AFTER Zelda came out? Every big Zelda fan bought a 3DS back then! I even waited till the last few days in case a limited Zelda 3DS was announced.

      My comment below is a failed reply to you!

    I agree, it's a typical dick move by Nintendo .But look on the bright side: it's only a half-hearted effort, where they've chucked a bit of gold on a standard black unit, rather than going all out and producing something amazing like this. So you're not missing out on too much.

      I have that one, and the Zelda GBA Sp.

      While not as much effort went in to this, I still want it.

      And I hate myself for it. But not as much as I hate Nintendo just now.

        Same. It's a Zelda-editioned.... object. Which means I need to have it. So now I'm sighing and trying to figure out how much this will set me back. I already have a perfectly fine 3DS. And Zelda. And then there's the inevitable hardware redesign with a 2nd thumbpad. And what if they make a Zelda-editioned version of THAT? Oh lordy.

    If that hits the US I will actually purchase a 3DS.

    I would have thought that they would have held off on new, popular designs like this until the inevitable dual-stick re-release of the console.

    Seems like a no-brainer to me. Release it with two sticks, some people might go "meh". Release with two sticks AND a theme based on one of the most popular franchises you have? INSTABUYINCREASE!

      No, no, no, that's not how they work. They release it in a boring colour first, and let the new design alone sell copies. Then release awesome colours and let that do its magic. Then the special editions. They figure that in the best case, they will have sold 3 different pieces of hardware to the same consumer.

      I know I'm being cynical, but unfortunately it's also true :(

    The decal is the wrong way, while it's open people will be seeing it upside down.

    Mark or Tracey, is this coming to Aus or will it need to be an import?

    Is it Real Low Cheap?

    They should have brought these stylish 3DS's and other like it on Day 1.. might have helped the sales a bit.

    I've been trying to hold off purchasing a 3DS for a very, very long time now but this I'm going to have to buy. I already own the Ocarina edition of OoT, so I guess I'll just sell that off and get a bit of cashmoola back.


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