All Your Miniature Star Wars Fantasies Come True

Star Wars is epic, spawning movies, toys, and video games. That's doesn't mean it's too big for the small scale. If anything, it works brilliantly.

These pieces were created by a group of Japanese model makers and are on display at the Kotobukiya showroom in Tokyo's geek district, Akihabara.

They serve as a reminder of not only what talented modellers can make, but all that was lost when George Lucas traded miniature X-wings for green screens.

More photos, courtesy of Japanese blog Moeyo in the link below.

モデラーサークル 「DORO☆OFF」のスターウォーズ模型作品 []

(Top photo:


    There was a lot of this stuff at the Powerhouse Museum the last time they had a Star Wars exhibit.

      I remember going to that and going wow there is so much cool stuff from the old movies and barely anything real for ep I & II (ep III wasn't finished then) but I'm sure even had cgi actors.....

    Dat death star, nrrgghhhhhh.

    I would like to win Lottos so i can buy all of these 0_0


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