Apple iPhone, iPad Get Official Xbox Live App

A surprise, official Xbox LIVE app just hit Apple's iTunes.

The free app allows you to:

Read and send messages to Xbox 360 friends Manage your friends list, invite new friends, Read and Edit your full LIVE profile (name, bio, motto) Change your avatar features/items with the avatar closet View and compare your achievement progress with friends

I've spent a few minutes with the app, and so far it's very slick, featuring full 3D avatars and plenty of content, though it is a tad bit slow at times. The app has three categories: Home, Social and Games.

In Home you get access to a bunch of videos including some features and trailer, as well as some neat articles like the Gamer Spotlight and the poll, which you can actually vote on through the app.

Social is where you can see your friends, messages and even the recently added beacons, which lets you put out a call for friends to play games with. The friend's list lets you do everything you can do on your Xbox 360, aside from gaming with them of course. You can also edit your avatar in social.

Games lets you browse through the games you've played and check out the achievements you've unlocked and what is still locked. Tapping on an unlocked achievement brings you to a description floating above your dancing avatar.

It's great to see that Microsoft isn't limiting Xbox Live apps to their phone, now they just need to bring the rest of the Windows Phone features over.


    Looks pretty good to me. Made it much easier to do a friends-list purge just now! (Still not as easy as it could be, but much easier than via the dashboard.)

    I'd like to be able to easily see items that are on sale, but don't see any on this app. Is that because there's nothing on sale, or have they done a silly thing and omitted them from this app?

    Anyway, good to see Microsoft finally getting onto this. Now, I'd just like to see one from Steam, Battlefield 3, and Modern Warfare 3.

    What is the App actually called?

    A lot of unoffical xbox stuff on there..

      My Xbox Live by the Microsoft Corporation

      I had this trouble too. Then I clicked on the iTunes link in the article.* Seriously couldn't find it in the store because of all the unofficial stuff.

      *I was so tempted to make an 'arrow to the knee' type joke there.

        can I ask what the arrow to the knee joke is? have seen it a few times around and didnt get it.

          The guards in Skyrim will often say to you, "I used to be an adventurer like you, but then I took an arrow to the knee". It starts to get amusing after about the 5th guard has said it. It's becoming a meme now.

            aah I see, sorta like the "I was at the airfield Fisher" from splinter cell, cheers.

      I guess that's what happens when you have an app store with hundreds of thousands of useless apps. Sure Apple may have the biggest choice of apps around, but sometimes it makes it way too difficult to siphon out the good from the crap!

    Meh, its not for me

    when is it going to be on android!!!?? the free one we have is crap.

    I guess this is the Xbox hub like on WP7?

    Looks just like a WP7 with the buttons and the layout :D

    Love my WP7. Been enjoying this funtionality for just over a year.

      While we're playing "my phone OS is bigger than your phone OS", I think the functionality of this app is not as good as other good iOS apps. It's also a bit slow. It's just a huge improvement over having nothing.

      you are incredibly awesome.

      SO awesome.


      For free! ;-)

    DAMN... I just bought an unofficial app this morning on the way to work!!!!!!! damn ($2 bucks so not really that much damn.. but damn!

    needs ios 4.3 #fail

    it has a few semi cool things on it, but not a must have.

    Glitch'n for me. I just get the xbox website with an error message, whaaat?! It has taken them long enough to come out with an official XBL app.

    When's the one for wp7 that lets us control our xboxs?

      That's in the Windows Phone Marketplace already "Xbox Companion"

        Yeah Kotaku, lets have an article about the Xbox app for iOS, but nothing on Xbox Companion.

    I don't really "get" it... what's the point?

    (I ask that as I download it anyway)

      Also I noticed the link in the article is specifically Australian. *gasp* articles edited to suit the audience of CENSORSHIP!

    Now this on a droid

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