Fan-Made Mass Effect Film Is Shaping Up Nicely

The folks at The Sneaky Zebra are making a short film based on the Mass Effect universe and have sent along three new character trailers for the game. The one up top is for a renegade character named "Hale", which I would imagine (or at least hope!) is a reference to voice actor Jennifer Hale, who plays the female version of the game's protagonist Commander Shepard. (You may recall I had an opportunity to interview Hale at PAX this year).

They've also made a couple of other character intro videos: One for a gent namedMeer and another for a smuggler named Defoe. The woods and look in that second one remind me of the woods of Kobol from Battlestar Galactica, for some reason.

Respect to these guys for putting a lot of work into something purely out of love for the game. I'm looking forward to seeing the full short once it launches.


    I know its a fan film.... but the *dialogue*... GAH

      True. That is the case with most fan films.

    australian voice?

      *Wrex* Shepard.
      (Sounds like it)

    I can appreciate the effort and sentiment but it's not looking great so far...

    The way it was shot and the dialogue is pretty bad. I know it is a trailer but where are the filter effects. This looks like it was shot on a point and shoot camera...

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