Former Visceral Games Developer Opens New Studio

In an uplifting turn of events, a group of developers from the now defunct Visceral Games (EA's Melbourne Studio) have banded together to create a brand new Aussie studio that makes mobile games.

When Visceral Games closed, game designer Gerry Sakkas was given the option to relocate to the US to continue working for EA, but instead chose to remain in Australia and start something himself. Contacting his former colleagues who were affected by the closure of Visceral, Sakkas formed the mobile games studio, Playside.

Sakkas says that the people he has brought on board have a wealth of game development experience that can enrich the mobile gaming space.

"The goal was to create a studio with people who were accustomed to aiming for AAA quality, take that talent, and tailor it to a mobile audience," says Sakkas, who is the CEO of Playside.

"We believe our studio has something really special in the sense that we can create quality assets, characters, design and stories for any platform," he says.

"The mobile space has always been a love of mine and, although some studios are doing it right, there are many that have got it terribly wrong. Some of the larger studios have simply taken their hit titles and slapped them onto a mobile platform, however this is not what mobile consumers want and it is the complete opposite of what we are setting out to do.

"We are all about making a completely tailored experience for the mobile platform, with the added quality and polish of a console game. Our biggest goals are to create unique and loveable characters and to make a real impact on the mobile games industry."

The studio is based in Melbourne and is founded by Gerry Sakkas, Aaron Pasias, and Mark Goulopoulos. The studio will begin production on mobile games on January 16, 2012.

"The studio is ready to go bu I think the old EA staff deserve a well-earned Christmas break first!" says Sakkas.

You can learn more about Playside here and follow them on Facebook.


    Mobile games :(
    But good on them all the same! Has to be a plus for the Australian industry!

      Mobile games are just the beginning. They're rebuilding the Aussie games industry from scratch! Go, PlaySide, GO! =)

    They are going to start production nearly two years ago? Talented!

      Slip of the finger 8 keys away!

    Holy Crap thats awesome! The more new devs the better, hopefully in a few years the industry could be back to it's former glory.

    Good luck to em!

    Although hopefully they take the business side as seriously as the development side. Too many game companies (Troika and Flagship, I'm looking at your tombstones here!) seemed to have great game design heads, but terrible business models.

    Ok, now you've got my attention.

      Haha, Dan's ears started twitching at the sound of "Melbourne".

        Considering that at least two Melbourne studios were shut down this year, any new company is a boon.

    Good to see them back on the horse. We really are in an indie dev-friendly time in gaming. I hope they get it all together.

    I hope mobile includes things like tablets. I've never been a great fan of mobile gaming, but I got a Galaxy Tab 10.1 about a month ago and despite the lack of good titles, I must say I'm a convert.

    Now All I want is a Steam client that supports android (so I can play all my console-ish games with an xbox controller on it) and at least one really good Turn Based Strategy. Advance Wars for Android would make my year.

      You could always put a gba emulator on your android device, then emulate any of the games you currently own (advance wars, fire emblem, golden sun etc.). Works a treat ;)

    All the best to you guys, support the local industry and all that jazz ;)

    Looks Like imma have to buy there first game help em get on thier

    This team will rock your socks off - get ready!

    Gerry's a good bloke, and I look forward to seeing what they come up with.

    More mobile games. Really? Surely we have more talent than that. Unless they all went overseas to where the jobs are.

      Have you got a spare 20 million laying around to make a console game, thats why blue tongue,krome and transmission went to shit. Its too expensive to develop a great console game in Australia.

      You're assuming mobile games take less talent to produce.

    it will just go in circles studio will be around for a bit close down then people will open a new one, it wil close etc etc etc

      This isnt a Rug Store...

        Hey, I lost some good men to the 80% off oriental rug business, some damn fine men! *cries*

    All best the guys. The mobile market really needs some of the polish from the console world.

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