Gifts For Lapsed Constituents Of The Glorious PC Gaming Master Race

We know that consoles are just outdated computers. Computers are the past, present and future of gaming. Give me a Core i7-2600K powered quad SLI gaming rig that I can tinker with over an outdated hunk of sealed tech any day. We PC gamers don't need a lot, but here are a few solid suggestions for gift ideas.

Space Chem

This fun little puzzle game is a great way to warm up your brain before dropping into your gaming mainstay. Play the role of a reactor engineer working for SpaceChem as you create chemical products. It's all very exciting. $US9.99.

CyberSnipa Dog Tag

This isn't a replacement for that full-size tool set you have sitting under your computer desk, but the CyberSnipa Dog Tag is a wonderful little bit of kit to have in your bag or pocket at all times. The tags include an LED light, star and flat head screwdrivers, bottle opener, nail file, pliers and a flash drive. Perfect for emergency repairs and celebration. $US19.99.


Sure it's been around for ages as an alpha and beta, but this indie darling is now available for sale as a finished game. Dig holes, build houses, avoid Creepers. It sounds a bit too basic, but trust me it isn't. It's glorious. $US21.95.

Logitech Optical Gaming Mouse G500

There are plenty of other, much more fanciful, much more expensive gaming mice out there. But the Logitech G500 is really everything you're going to need for your computer gaming. It's essentially an updated MX518 with up to 5700 dpi. $149.95 RRP in Australia.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Dragons, cave bears, giants, hundreds of hours of exploration, this is really the only computer game you need for the year. Just make sure to say goodbye to your loved ones before you drop out. $89.95 RRP in Australia.

USB Doomsday Device Hub

This USB hub is also a great way to pretend that you're blowing up your neighbour's house, or combusting puppies, or launching tactical nukes. It comes with two switches, a key and a big flashing red light. Once activated the light flashes until you push the button. Then, then you hear an explosion and somewhere in the world puppies explode. $US59.99.

Razer Wired Blackwidow Mechanical Keyboard

Mechanical keyboards may be loud, but they're also far more resilient to the hammer strokes some of us lay down while typing and playing games. I go through a couple of traditional keyboards a year when I'm not using mechanical. The Blackwidow is a solid gaming standby. $188 at PCMarket in Australia.

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    I freakin' love the Doomsday Device Hub.

    Is there a shop anywhere in the world that actually sells Logitech gear anywhere near the RRP?

    If anyone's interested in the G500, it can be had for about $60-70 from most computer stores.

      Missed the sale at JB Hifi yesterday, pretty sure they had % off Logitech gear

    That's a G400, not a G500, lol.

    I'm not sure which one was intended. The price and the name say G500, but the "updated MX518" and "optical" parts say G400.

    Either way, LogitechShop is flogging off the G400s for $20 until the 10th Dec. G500s are $40.

    Those are odd prices for the keyboard and mouse. I paid $120 for my Blackwidow (which I've since returned for a Das) and I find it hard to believe the G500 actually sells for $150. My RAT9 cost me $130.

    As an actual Reaction engineer, SpaceChem is an amazing amount of fun. The whole office plays it now.

    I'd like to ask the wife for a second 6990, but then she'll know how much the first one cost...

      The trick is to just buy it and say you've always had it! Thats what I did with the xbox I bought yesterday.

      You sir made me laugh. But then again you have a dual GPU card and 4 gpu's get alot of issues I hear so I'd just get a 6970 and lie to the wife.... :-P

        Can't crossfire has to be the same card, for nvidia anyway.

    Oh man, dat hub,
    How many USBs does it hold?

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