Germany Loves PC Gaming

Gamescom is held in a massive convention centre that sits aside the Rhine. Inside there are towering halls of concrete and steel, each filled with massive booths, games and people.

Hall 9 is dedicated almost exclusively to computer games. It's in here that you will find the likes of Nexon, NCSoft, World of Tanks, competitive gaming competitions, fancy cases, graphics and sound cards. It's also typically the loudest, rowdiest hall of the group.

Here's a look.


    Dominion... another excuse for stealth to become redundant :S.

      Really looking forward to Dominion! Been keeping a close eye on the coverage from gamescon and it looks great! While I doubt it will replace Summoner's Rift as the competitive staple, it looks to be a fun little, perhaps a bit more 'casual' variation on the LoL formula!

    this Hard reset make a showing?

    That game looks amazing and cant wait next month to play it.

    I hate it when an American goes to another country and is surprised about the habits of another culture. It's so fucking typical. "I can't believe the Japanese love Monster Hunter on portables." "I can't believe the Chinese love to play MMOs in cafes". Like they expect ever person on earth to be some obnoxious racist playing Call of Duty on-line on their console.

      'Germany loves PC gaming' is a statement of fact, not a statement of disbelief. This article isn't a 'I can't believe OMG so different from America lol USA 4 lyf!' it's more just showcasing some of the awesome love that PC games get in Germany. If you actually read the article instead of just seeing the headline and posting an angry comment, you'd see this. If the article was titled 'Look at the most popular hall at Gamescon,' or 'Check out these Gamescon PC games!' would you react differently?

      But besides that, what the hell is the problem with being surprised by other cultures? As long as it's not derogatory 'oh, China loves to play MMO's! That's cool!' as opposed to 'Americans are obnoxious racists that play Call of Duty' I think it's fine.

      Calm down Eddy boy, you'll live longer

        If anything, this is a better interpretation of yourself as an individual. Your statements are testament of this interpretable style of journalism. Either way, get over it, it isn't important to cover "our reaction."

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