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Back in May, League of Legends Championship Series commissioner Chris Greeley gave esports organisation Team Echo Fox an ultimatum: oust investor Amit Raizada over racist remarks he made in the past, or face consequences that could jeopardise Echo Fox’s future in the world of competitive League of Legends. The commissioner gave Echo Fox 60 days to fulfil those terms. Yesterday, that deadline was extended.


A very wise man who wore a hood and whose skin was practically melting off his bones once said, “Good! Use your aggressive feelings, boy. Let the hate flow through you.” Probably, he was talking to a gamer about video games. Competitive games make people mad. There’s no getting around it, so you might as well embrace it. Mechanical engineer Eric “Insert Controller Here” Heckman has created a controller to make that process as efficient as possible.


If you're lucky enough to have parents that appreciate and understand games, you're doing well. But there's a point where it's cool that your parents understand games, and then there's the point where they understand them well enough to completely wreck your shit.


Rumay “Hafu” Wang’s record is nothing to sneeze at. She’s won multiple major World of Warcraft tournaments, and she’s dominated Hearthstone’s rankings month after month. Still, she feels as though people don’t hold her accomplishments in the same regard as those of some of her male peers. That’s why she was thrilled to close out the Teamfight Tactics beta in first place.


The mainstream narrative of esports has been lovingly crafted by those who benefit from its success. There’s big money in esports, they say. You’ve heard the stories. Teenaged gamers flown overseas to sunny mansions with live-in chefs.

The erection of $US50 million arenas for Enders Game-esque sci-fi battles. League of Legends pros pulling down seven-figure salaries. Yet there’s a reason why these narratives are provocative enough to attract lip-licking headlines in business news and have accrued colossal amounts of venture capital. More and more, esports is looking like a bubble ready to pop.


Yesterday, a League of Legends player posted on the game’s forums to complain that a new animation was causing problems for those suffering from epilepsy. One of the game’s designers then apologised, noting that they didn’t have “time or bandwidth” to implement a toggle so that players could turn it off. Now, Riot Games says the animation will be removed.


When you care for someone, I think one of the most important things you can do is move out of your comfort zone and participate in their hobbies and interests. My girlfriend is an avid Heroes of the Storm player, often squirrelling away time with friends to play matches and participate in aod-hoc tournaments.

I knew nothing about Heroes of the Storm outside of some of the cast and my basic knowledge of the rules of MOBA (multiplayer online battle arenas) games. But HOTS is important to her, which means that it’s important to me. So it was that the two of us set aside time for me to learn how to play Heroes of the Storm.


Los Angeles-based Riot Games employees are preparing for a walkout today in protest of the company’s stance on forced arbitration in what appears to be the first walkout at a major gaming studio. Kotaku will be reporting live from the protest as it develops.