Here's A Man Using A 3DS To Look Up A Virtual Skirt

In Konami's love sim New Love Plus, you can once again talk with virtual girls. Since the 3DS features a gyro-sensor, you can also move the handheld around and see things. Hello fan service?

Japanese news site Rocket News tested online claims that you can use the motion tech to see things you shouldn't in the New Love Plus, only to discover that no matter which position you moved the 3DS, the game's fan service was kept to a bare minimum.

If you get New Love Plus when it's released next Feb., using the gyro-sensor on, say, the subway probably is a bad idea.

3DS『NEWラブプラス』がエロ過ぎて笑った! [RocketNews]


    Umm what... If anyone ever sees me try and do that with my 3DS, please, kill me. I'm already dead anyway

    Oh dear...

    It's Japanese, if you're actually surprised or alarmed by this, don't be.

    I did not visit to be greet by a man on his back with his legs up in the air, 3DS in hand and a look on his face that is a little too enthusiastic for my tastes - especially given the activity that seems to causing him so much.... is that pleasure? I can't tell.

    I feel sullied and unusual.

      Congratulations, you've been Bashcrafted! It gets easier with time.

    So it's not out yet? Is the guy in the video a developer or something?
    LOL I thought he would of been just a consumer screwing around.

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