Is Televangelist Benny Hinn Skyrim's Dragonborn?

This is the power of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. Non gamers watch this video and think they may be witnessing the powers of international televangelist Benny Hinn during one of his many faith healing summits.

Gamers watch this video and know what's really going on here: FUS RO DAH!. Good thing Hinn doesn't know "FO KRAH DIIN", or he might have gotten some of his "prophecies" right.

[Thanks Symixable!]




    my sides.

    I laughed so hard!!!

    once again, people complain about Kotaku US and their short articles, yet as soon as it's about skyrim, for some reason, everything is alright....

    i love skyrim, but i don't understand why everyone doesn't get angry at this as well...

    I've no sound at work, byt this makes me laugh

      U sir deserve to hear this amazement

    I have to say I'm conflicted. This is very funny but Benny Hinn is about as evil as you can get (in my world view).

    I tried sneaking into a Benny Hinn gig years ago with a mate but I think our inner heathen natures gave us away. That or the pre-show drinks we figured were a smart idea.

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