Is This Figure Really Worth $4800?

Is This Figure Really Worth $4800?

In Japan, selling customised figures can get you arrested. It call also get you crazy amounts of money. Like this one did, for example.

A customised Hatsune Miku figure (above, in a bridal gown) recently went for ¥389,000 or $4800. No small chump change.

The customised figure combines a ¥8980 ToHeart2 Tamaki Kousaka wedding dress figure with a ¥8650 figure of virtual idol Hatsune Miku.

Simple maths tells us that the value of both figures is ¥17,630 or $220. But that doesn’t include the act of tearing off one plastic head and gluing it on another body. That shit’s expensive!

What is it they say? Things are only worth what people will pay for them? Or was it, a fool and his money are soon parted? I forget.

別キャラと頭部を挿げ替えた「初音ミク」のフィギュアが39万円で落札される [痛いニュース]

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