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It’s taken some time for the news to hit overseas, but Wowaka, an internationally acclaimed producer of Vocaloid music, including songs such as “Rolling Girl,” “Unhappy Refrain,” and “World’s End Dancehall,” died on April 5 from heart failure. He was 31.

He was the driving force behind the Balloom record label which produced albums from a multitude of other internationally praised Vocaloid producers and created music that inspired a subculture of fans to come together, including me.


Back in March I suffered a devastating injury and was rushed to the hospital for emergency open heart surgery. Since then I’ve spent every waking hour working my way back to you folks. Hi.


Now that the Western world's had a couple of years to get used to games starring Japan's premiere virtual idol, Sega drops the Hatsune Miku bomb. With over 220 songs to master, Project Diva Future Tone for the PlayStation 4 is one heaping helping of rhythm game goodness.


Ahh, summer. A time for hitting up the beach, playing backyard cricket, sausage sandwiches ... and then realising how bloody hot everything is, and going inside to chill with a fan and a console/PC.

Once the stickier, uncomfortable part of summer hits, you'll need something to do. Fortunately, there's plenty of games coming out over the season.


I've seen a massive crowd line up around the block to watch an internet-fuelled hologram of an anime girl sing. I've seen a packed auditorium erupt into a wild cheer for a text-to-speech voice that said: "Hello Seattle." I've seen our present day, in all its bracing cyberpunk wonder, at Hatsune Miku's live concert at WaMu Theatre last weekend.

And it was pretty great.