Man Plays Dance Dance Revolution For Over 16 Hours, Lives To Tell The Tale

While most people spent yesterday sleeping off food hangovers and trying not to do any real work, 17 year old Alexander Skudlarek from Rochester, Minnesota was getting letters from the Guinness Book of World Records confirming he now has the title for "longest video games marathon playing Dance Dance Revolution".

He actually set the record in October, dancing for 16 hours, 18 minutes and nine seconds, but only yesterday received confirmation of it from Guinness. While it wasn't 16 hours of continuous dancing, as he was allowed one 10 minute break every hour, for 16 hours of dancing that's still one hell of an achievement.

What's cool is that Alex isn't even a DDR freak. He's a gamer, sure, but a gamer who also has an interest in the Guinness Book of Records, and as such simply looked at the book and figured which of the video game categories he thought he could beat.

He thought this one, and he thought correctly.

If you think dancing for over 16 hours is painful, it's not too bad! Alex tells us the real pain came the day after.


    he wont have it for long....someone did a 40 hour one a month ago

    This is an achievement for sure. I played it once for 3 minutes and almost quit life.

    I broke 2 hours once, but that was it for me.

    Wait, wait, wait... There's someone who actually takes the recommended 10 minute per hour break when playing videogames? Now *that's* a record!

    Seriously though, that's a pretty commendable effort seeing as I can't even last ten minutes on easy.

    Impressivde on Alex :D. PLEASE be sure not to die from playing too long though; remember several people in South Korea already have :(

    The hell is he playing on. Looks like somewhere between arcade cab and a home version.

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