Postal III Will Be Homicidal For Christmas

Do not fret, Postal guy fan! The third entry in the PC game series so over-the-top offensive that everyone pretty much forgot about will be ready in time for wrapping paper. Who's excited? Show of hands!

Okay, anyone not directly involved with developer Running With Scissors put your hands down.

That's OK, between the digital Steam release and the special "masterpiece" boxed edition from the Postal Games website I'm sure RWS will sell enough copies of Postal III to justify its relatively long development cycle. Maybe it'll even get a little Christmas love from people mistaking it for Portal.

From the official press release:

"Postal III, the outrageous third instalment in the legendary POSTAL franchise is finally coming to town" said Vince Desi, scary mall Santa and RWS CEO.

Not even an Al Gore weather forecast could have predicted the difficulties in seeing this project through. When we started development, Cheney was President, Bin Laden was rubbing his magic lamp to bad Pakistani pr0n and Obamacare wasn't but a dream of an inexperienced community organiser. "Oh how the world has changed" Desi continued; "Peace, Joy and Postal III to everyone around the world".

I'm sure this post will rile up a large hidden cache of Postal fans that have been waiting anxiously since the Uwe Boll film adaptation. Step forward and be heard!


    rampage is such a good movie.

    I forgot this game was being made. This is one of those things that I'm ashamed to say that I'll probably buy when it goes on sale at some point and pretend I don't own it... even though I probably won't play it much.

    Just some kind of morbid curiosity I have.

    Same reason I recently bought Daikatana in its original packaging :-P (for 3 dollars)

    But will it will be banned in Australia like its predecessor?

      I'm sure it will..

    Loved Postal 2.
    Not such a well built game as it was just plain amusing, but I still loved it.
    Not impressed with the consolification of the third, and the whole third person thing, and videos look pretty terrible, but I'll take a look at it anyway.

    I have to play postal 2, pirated it a few weeks ago, and like postal 2 this shit will get banned.

      Available for download legally in Australia by purchasing through GoG.

    When I read my RSS feed, I thought it said Portal III.... my hopes went up only to be quickly shot down after I properly read it.

    I played postal 2 when I was ~7
    i loved that game.

    I played postal for about 10mins then I got sick off ot then never played it again. I have never done this with any game before.

    Wow, the bitterness in this post is just amazing. I'm not a particularly big postal fan (i'll probably pick it up, the 2nd one was quite amusing!) but still, you shouldn't go belittling fans just because you don't like it.

    Mike Fahey:'t_like-(n1315212424812).jpg

    It better feature a Gary Coleman impersonator.

    P2 was good fun, but I don't PC game anymore....too much hastle. Here's hoping it gets an xbox or xbla release...

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