Rift Posts A Massive Win As MMORPG.com's Game Of The Year

"What is Kotaku's game of the year?" you may be asking yourself. Well, I'm certainly not going to spoil the surprise. But in the meantime, we're sharing the GOTY winners from other sites around the web.

Over at MMORPG.com, they've named Trion Worlds' color-splosional Rift as the best massively multiplayer online game of the year, with EVE Online coming in as runner-up.

The 2011 MMORPG.com Awards [MMORPG.com]


    i played this the day it got realest, my account got hacked on day 3. AVOID!!!

      Came back since Beta 2 months ago(un-subscribed because I was just playing with some friends). They have a system called coin lock. If you login via another IP, a code is sent to your email to unlock your account therefore giving you access to your money,item deletion, character deletion etc. It's much safer now. They even have a authenticator for people who don't trust that system.

        What about people that have Dynamic IP addresses (ie. most people)

          Just cause your local IP isn't static doesn't mean your external IP changes. your external IP will always be the same AFAIK. (you can check yourself by googling whats my ip, then restarting your computer and seeing if it changes)

    Truly Deserves the award. Quite a fun MMO; only really lacking content at the lower levels.

    thought it was really dull.

    Hows the combat?

    I did enjoy it, but it got old for me. Also on the coin lock, if your account is to be hacked chances are they already have your email login.

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