Serious Sam 3: BFE Serves Pirates A Helping Of Giant Immortal Scorpion

I've played quite a bit of the latest entry in Croteam's twitchtastic first-person shooter series, but I never encountered the super-speedy giant unkillable pink spider creature in the first level. Know why? Because my copy isn't pirated.

In order to curb rampant PC game piracy, developer Croteam purposefully included a bug (hee) in Serious Sam 3: BFE that trips when the game has been cracked. The bug (I said it again!) spawn a pleasantly pink, positively unkillable scorpion creature that will hound the player until he or she is dead, dead, dead. To give the pirate a fighting chance, the spawn point is right next to the game's first projectile weapon. It won't have any effect, of course, but you'll briefly feel better.

While not a particularly effective means of combating piracy, the giant immortal pink scorpion is a fun way to catch those masquerading as legitimate customers in places like GameFaqs.

Thanks for the entertainment, Croteam!

Serious Sam 3 BFE - Immortal Fast Scorpion [YouTube via RPS]


    This game looks pretty great. Cool anti-piracy measure! (How long before the removal of the scorpion is included in the crack.)

    THAT is how you discourage piracy.

    When will developers and publishers realise that DRM is NOT the way to go?

      lol, that's not how you combat piracy, that's how you create an awesome challenge for people.

      Watch as people who love insane modes download the game illegally just so they can play the first level while being harassed by an unstoppable giant scorpion thing biting at their heels the whole time.

      What a great challenge.

    This is the best kind of anti-piracy. Along with what Earthbound did, which was just mean.

    Not even Serious Sam can escape regenerating health?
    Oh well, at least it's slow, and he still has 100 hp.

      The game doesn't have health regen. At least, not the SS3 I'm playing. Perhaps it's only on super easy difficulty.

      That must be Tourist difficulty. You DO NOT play Serious Sam on Tourist difficulty!
      Want a challenge? Play on Normal. Have friends or playing co-op online? Try Mental.

      For those of you wondering, the music in the video is a remix of a fight track from the first game, and is included in the SS3 OST as "Boss Fight Strings".

        That music is also in game and starts when you fight the final boss. I just wish there was a remix of Suburbs Hostile and The Grand Cathedral aswell as great remix of Dunes that is Boss Fight Strings

    dear blizzard....

    "those masquerading as legitimate customers in places like GameFaqs."

    It's not like the game was made by gamefaqs, nobody is 'pretending' to have a ligitimate version of the game, they simply go to places like that to ask how to solve puzzles and beat bosses etc.

    " but I never encountered the super-speedy giant unkillable pink spider creature in the first level. Know why? Because my copy isn’t pirated."

    OMG on-disc locked DLC.

    As hilarious as this is, I much prefer Garry's solution to piracy.

    Inability to shade polygon normals, haha.

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