Testing Game Graphics With Women's Underwear

Hideo Kojima, creator of Metal Gear, is working on a new game engine called the Fox Engine. Today, he's been posting test images showing off what it can do. One of those things is see woman's bras through their shirts.

"One of the Fox Engine's sales points?" Kojima tweeted. "Seeing bras through clothes tech."

Some game developers worry about reproducing the human face. Others focus on creating vast, explorable worlds. Hideo Kojima is mastering the art of leering at women's undergarments.

「FOXエンジン」の売りのひとつ? [Twitter]


    Stay classy :-P

    I gotta say, Peacewalker is one of my favorite games... but zooming through a teenage girl's poncho and schoolgirl uniform to reveal her underwear? That was a little too close to "pervy Japanese game" for my tastes :-P
    Which upon reflection is pretty silly, since the 'age' of the character is pretty much just whatever number they decide it will be... but still... just feels grody haha

      It's all in bad taste,

      I understand leering but boss doesn't have xray vision, even so I feel it totally breaks character.

    It sounds pervy on the surface, but thinking about it, character models are (to me) always too solid. It's clear that the clothes aren't supposed to come off, in most games, but this might be the first step toward perfectly realistic gaming, imagine a fantasy RPG where if you get hit with a sword it actually cuts the first layer where the sword hit....it's not too far off what we have now, but it's baby steps

    *sniff* that man is an inspiration to us all.
    God bless the Japanese!

    I think clothing is one of those areas they really do need to improve. They get these amazing looking faces happening now days, but the clothes look like they're made of solid plastic.

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