Look At The Faces Hideo Kojima Is Making

Hideo Kojima, creator of Metal Gear Solid, is working on something. And it's powered by a new game engine, which Kojima unveiled earlier this year.

"Until now, we have been developing games for exclusively for specific platforms, but in the future, we look to go more global," Kojima said at the time. "We are paving the road to go multiplatform for future titles."

Today, Kojima showed facial model tests created on the Fox Engine. These are early, of course, and the faces belong to a nameless character who won't necessary appear in a game (Kojima explicitly states it is now (Volgin). Think of them as a taste of what's to come.

Hideo_Kojima_EN [Twitter]


    That's a young looking Volgin... *ponders game set in WWII and played as The Boss*

      ^ THIS.

      Please god Kojima read this.

        I agree. Read this Kojima!!!
        Would be so cool to play a metal gear game as the Boss. The mystery of her character is so awesome!

          Exactly! Especially since I finished Peacewalker I was like "Dammit, Kojima... now you have to make one about her or I'm gonna be so frustrated..." :-P

          The man doesn't know how to make a game that *doesn't* make me salivate for the next one haha

    While Kojimas at it can he do a conversion of MGS4 for 360!

      MGS4 filled up a 50gb BluRay disc. It simply can't be put on 360. Kojima said this is largely due to the Octocamo feature.

    This engine looks almost 5 years old it's that out of date.

      You got that from an off-screen still?

      You're GOOD.

      I think it looks good. Just a question, what game do you think actually looks good? Or are you one of those people who criticise every game?

    How about 360 gets their own games instead of stealing every damn title from PS.

    There needs to be a Metal Gear telling the story of how Kojima defected and betrayed us I think.

    Also, good to hear a new engine is being used.
    Codemasters will still be using the EGO engine in 2045.

    Article is wrong. Kojima's tweet says it's not Volgin.

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