The Dragon Age Anime Looks At Least As Entertaining As Dragon Age II

The full trailer for the Dragon Age anime we spoke about earlier this month has been making the rounds. it's 106 seconds easily as enjoyable as any 106 seconds I spent trudging through BioWare's sloppy sequel.

It's all about the Gackt for me. Once the subject of Ashcraft-teasing jokes on my part, the girlish Japanese pop icon has grown on me over the years, his stellar performance in the movie Bunraku cementing his place in my heart. Gackt lends his voice to a Knight-Commander in the anime, and contributes the theme song "Until the Last Day."

He's so dreamy.

Dragon Age CG Anime Film's New Trailer Streamed [AnimeNewsNetwork]


    Let the Bioware bashing commence!

    Well if it's as exicting as DA2 then at least it'll be more fun than Skyrim found Dragon Age II more entertaining than

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    Haha, doesn't look entirely terrible. A bit too far removed from the source material though to be taken too seriously I think.

    Also, love how, like, every sentence had to contain "blood mage". I guess it has blood mages or something? :P

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