The 'Future Of TV' Xbox 360 Dashboard Update Delayed

The much-ballyhooed firmware upgrade that's supposed to make Microsoft's gaming console a hotspot for all sorts of TV content is facing unexpected delays, according to the company's chief Xbox Live representative. The update was scheduled to start rolling out this morning but Larry "Major Nelson" Hyrb indicated on Twitter that it may not be live until later today.

Microsoft's implementing a number of changes with the upgrade, which is designed to create a foundation for viewing and engaging TV/movie content on the console, as well as launching voice-activated Bing searches via the Kinect sensor. They've got multiple content partners in the pipeline, waiting to take advantage of the new functionality, as well as millions of users waiting to try out features like Roaming Profile, Beacons and Cloud Saves. But, for reasons that aren't yet disclosed, everyone's going to have to wait a little bit longer. We'll update this story as more information becomes available.


    Hopefully they will fix the connection issues, where viewing content on the TV apps is almost unwatchable.

    I have an 18MB sync, and the dailymotion app on the new interface can barely load the selection screen let alone the videos themselves. The dailymotion website from a PC on the other hands is quite speedy and streams well.

      dammit! sounds like the exact sorta shite you get on those smart tvs, pretty much couldnt even use youtube as it took 10min to stream 2min clip

    My housemate got the update this morning, but when I turned my 360 on, no update for me. =(

    I sort of have the update, the front end has changed but now I can't connect to Live.

    As a side not, this is certainly putting a damper on our weekly X-Box Live night.

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