The Link Statue Of One Man's Dreams

In 2006, what were you doing? I was working at Kotaku. Derek was thinking about how he could get the greatest Link statue to ever grace this spinning blue ball we call Earth. If you ask me, he did just that.

Derek commissioned artisan Emily Fiegenschuh to sculpt Link, a process that took from 2006 to 2009. "Upon finding the perfect sculptor, I was trying to decide what Link's pose should be," Derel said. He didn't want something dull, but something classic.

"So in my head I went through all the wonderful games that starred our favourite green hero, and Super Smash Bros. came to mind," he continued. "At the time, Melee was the game I played the most, and the great thing about Smash is that you can pause the game and pan around the camera. And that's when it hit me... THE SPIN ATTACK."

By 2010, another sculptor, Joachim Höstlöf, got involved to create a sword, shield, and sheath. And this year, Derek brought on painter, John Allred, to complete the piece. The result is in the above video, and before you ask, no, it's not for sale.

Link Statue [Berserk Statues]


    the sculpt itself is great, but that final paint job does no justice to it. Should have taken reference from the skyward sword palette.

    is it just me or Link's face is a bit odd..

      Yeah that's what I thought as well. Maybe his eyes could have been a little bigger?

      Anyway, it's still a nice statue. It was funny to see Link without hair/his hat though. He looked like some sort of Goblin. xD

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