The US Army Has One Of The Prettiest Video Games On The Planet

The US Army Has One Of The Prettiest Video Games On The Planet
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Remember back in May, how we showed you that footage from the US military’s new “video game” simulation suite? Well, it’s back. And it looks more amazing than ever.

To recap, this is the Dismounted Soldier Training System (DSTS), a new simulation tool for the US Army. It’s cost the government nearly $US60 million to develop, but if you get to use it you’ll probably think it’s totally worth it, as it’s designed to be played not on a screen, but in a virtual reality rig, complete with goggles.

A lot of what you’re seeing here, especially in the second video, aren’t “levels” in the traditional sense, they’re massive outdoor environments being rendered by CryEngine 3 (the engine that powers Crysis 2).

Looks like a very pretty version of ArmA. Which makes me want to play this. Badly.


  • The level editor/waypoint setting at the end of the first video makes me want to play the original rainbox six’s so bad – used to spend sooo long plotting out breaches, miss that kind of planning.

    • Oh you might want to have a go of Frozen Synapse if you get the chance, even though its a turn based strategy focussed on small goals, it reminds me a fair bit of rainbow six’s tactical planning phase
      That mission took something like 15 minutes of planning & executing for a few seconds of bloodshed

  • I know a really simple way for them to get their $60mil back….

    This “simulator” is what BF3 should have been. I’ve been waiting for ages for a real combat simluator. America’s Army 3 just doesnt cut it.

  • The animation of the foot soldiers doesn’t look right, the ant system in BF3’s Frostbite 2 engine does it so much better than CE3.

    Maybe some of the $60million could have gone into using the ant system into the CE3 engine 🙂

  • It does look good, but has anyone seen ArmA3 yet, which looks even better. And if ArmA3, you can expect VBS3 to be even better. For those that don’t know VBS is BIS’s Virtual Battlefield Sim for mitilary and police forces, release being when BIS moved from OPF to ArmA.
    And those that know OPF (orginal version) and ArmA, there is alot of things that can be done with the map/odject editors and mission editors, with even large maps available which can take upto over an hour to flight from one side to other realtime.

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