When 60,000 Medieval Soldiers Meets 300 Jedi

Thanks to all those Star Wars movies we know the Jedi can barely survive an attack from just a pair of evil Sith lords. But pit a small battalion of 300 lightsaber-wielding Jedi knights against a giant army of 60,000 medieval soldiers armed with only swords, and it's not even a challenge.

20 T-Rexes Fighting 10,000 Chickens Is All I Ever Wanted In A Jurassic Park Sequel

Video. When The Lost World (the first sequel to Jurassic Park) came out, audiences weren't really interested in another sermon on the risks of cloning. All we wanted was more dinosaurs, ideally fighting, which is what this CG simulation mostly delivers. After all, chickens are just tiny dinosaurs, right?

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This latest simulation, courtesy of YouTuber SergiuHellDragoonHQ and a PC game called Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator, is yet another Star Wars sequel waiting to happen. The Jedi spend a few years shoring up their numbers again, and then find a time machine which takes them back (or forward?) to medieval England to right history's wrongs. It has summer blockbuster written all over it!


    So much for the prime directive.

    Yes, I know.

      how dare you misquote harry potter from lord of the rings

        Im pretty sure it was said by Captain Pikard of the USS Slave I in the book Star Wars: The Next Generation Wizard

    make so those knights had swords and armour made of the metal that a light sabre cant cut through ( i forget what is was called but it was plot element in Jedi Knight 2) and the fight would be extremely different. there would still be mass casualties of knights but the jedi would be wiped out

    Last edited 27/07/17 3:43 pm

      Just make half the knights run around and attack from the other side.

    Or whatever it is that every enemy in Force Unleashed is made of... because y'know Starkiller can't cut a Stormtrooper but he can bring a Star Destroyer out of orbit...

    Not sure about armour, but vibroblades are made out of "cortosis-weave" to deflect sabres...

      Yeah. Force Push is insanely over powered in theory but they play it off like nothing against Stormtroopers. I always loved that Clone Wars short where Mace Windu destroys a planet full of droids using stuff like that.

    Well, I'll say it I guess. People who do this content on their channels are lazy as fuck. UEBS and its clones are just about the most low-rent easiest content any scrub Youtuber can make. No effort, no quality, just plug some numbers into an existing program and pretend like you invented this particular conflict. Fuck it. I refuse to watch this kind of garbage.

    well that was a lame simulation. Knights are stabbing the Jedi in the back and nothing happens. Or are Jedi made out of rock now? Didn't watch the rest since its not a simulation of anything.

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