This New Uncharted: Golden Abyss Trailer Is A Little Bit Hilarious (But Also Good)

This New Uncharted: Golden Abyss Trailer Is A Little Bit Hilarious (But Also Good)

For a game that feels so Western both aesthetically and in terms of design, it feels strange that Uncharted: Golden Abyss is being released first in Japan. But that’s what happens when a piece of hardware is delayed in the rest of the world. That said, this awesome trailer, which features the Japanese voice overs, makes it almost worth the wait. I would never have gotten to hear what Japanese Nathan Drake sounds like otherwise!

Of particular hilariousness is Japanese Drake’s running away from something scary noises. I’m just so used to hearing Nolan North, and that voice is so ingrained in my understanding of Drake as a character, that watching this footage is just so bizarre

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    • its still Nolan North, he does voices for everything, I am pretty sure thats him in Japanese.

      Anyways, looks great for a handheld, and I love the Uncharted theme, its so awesome, favorite sound track.

      • I dunno if it would be a nightmare or a dream if one day I woke up, and everyone and everything was voiced by Nolan North

  • Pre-ordered my Vita yesterday, pretty much just because of this game and Little Big Planet. Went WiFi only as I still can’t figure when I would need 3G gaming

  • as much as I am looking forward to purchasing the vita, I still cringe when I see the touch screen controls.
    It just seems like they decided “it has touch screen controls because the system has a touch screen”… When it isn’t central to the game’s mechanic, nothing it more annoying ergonomically than having to take my hand off one side of the system to reach and touch screen. It’s just plan uncomfortable and when gaming on the DS, I would always use buttons over touch screen controls if it was available.
    The rear touch pad could be good as you can keep your hands in the same position, so hopefully the option is there to use that instead. What was shown in the video just looked uncomfortable.

    Oh, it was dubbed japanese to yeh? lol

  • I agree on the touch screen controls, they look clunky, and they actually slow down the action. I hope there’s an option to turn them off!

  • Youtube’s automatic transcription and translation for the captions didn’t really handle that video so well …

  • hahaha awesome. i just applied to do a diploma in japanese so hopefully in a couple years i can understand these trailers.

    PS those graphics are insanely good for a portable, can’t wait for vita.

  • The japanese really over dramatize their voices with their ‘groans’, ‘panting’, ‘heavy breathing’ and overuse of low, whispery voices.
    Can’t stand japanese voice acting. It’s like english live theatre. Fake and annoying.
    Also, don’t care what people say, Nolan North is a great voice actor. It”s just a shame that every game company wants him to be ‘Drake’ all the time.

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