Where Is My Heart Is A Disorienting, Confusing And Beautiful Platformer

Where is my Heart is an addictive platformer recently released on the PlayStation Network. In this adorable PSP mini, you play as three little monsters trying to collect hearts and escape levels. Visually, the game is stunning, each level is made up of jumbled panels for you to navigate.

Peaceful, charming and mind boggling, Where is my Heart is a unique game that you can pick up on the PSN for $US6.99 (Free for Playstation Plus Users) and it's worth every dime.


    Looks neat, I'll have to recharge my PSP when I get home.

    I got this free through PS Plus. It's a very good game, although now I'm stuck on a level :( It's more of a puzzle game than a platformer, though - the platforming is very basic, at least on the levels I've played so far.

    Great to see this getting some coverage.

    I'm really enjoying it, but my one gripe is the title cards for the levels disappear far too quickly. Sometimes it's hard to read the little paragraph of text.

    Otherwise, very glad I grabbed this.

    I find it weird that you still refer to them as psp minis. Aren't they just 'minis' now that they play on the PS3?

    I was playing Where Is My Heart? before it was cool. *hipster flick*

    Amirite DAN!?

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