WoW... Remember WoW? It's Back. In Awesome Video Form

I'm not saying World of Warcraft is in decline, because it's a perennial mainstay and people continue to play, but I do think it's possible that folks are taking it for granted. That's why I think this video is worth posting, and worth watching. It's easy to forget what an incredible world Blizzard has crafted in Azeroth. This video takes the time to show off that world.

Beautiful Azeroth is the first in a series of videos that take into the World... of Warcraft and show off how gorgeous everything really is. The first episode focuses on Kalimdor but others will take a similar look at other areas in the game.

What strikes me, personally, despite not really being a huge fan of the game, is just how well World of Warcraft has aged. It's incredible to think that it was released in the same year as game's like Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas and Halo 2.

Thanks Tim!


    While it was released at the same time as GTA:SA and Halo 2, both Wrath of the Lich King and Cataclysm introduced substantial updates to the game engine. I'm pretty sure it even supports DX11 now.

      ive activated dx11 mode on my laptop and it didnt do shit, just saying.

    Freehand camera, urgh. Some nice shots though.

    Remember ALF?! He's back, in pog form!

    I'd love to see a David Attenborough presentation about the world of Azeroth, the various races and the mobs which lurk around its peaks and caves.
    "A traveller has been spotted by the highly-territorial harpies and, unless he can defeat the level 50 Harpy Queen, he will likely be killed.

      Omg I second this harder then Sunwell when it was 2.4

      Midly-NSFW(language), but this is pretty close:

    Alf! Remember Alf? He's back! In pog form.

      I get the feeling this won't be the last 'Alf Pogs' referance from Mark....

    disn't read the article, but clicked on it because of the simpsons reference

    Pretty impressive game world TBH....

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