You Can Be Temporarily Banned From Modern Warfare 3 For 5000 Days

People are getting hit with 5000-day bands in Modern Warfare 3, and the people behind the game say it's intentional.

"Yes. If you see this message, it means you've been Permabanned (for something bad)," Infinity Ward's Robert Bowling Tweeted today in response to online news site MP1st wondering about the image atop this story.

We don't know what infractions earn this kind of penalty, but they are probably very bad ones. But one man's "permaban" is another's 13-year wait.

If you receive a 5000-day ban today, don't worry. You'll be able to play Modern Warfare 3 again on August 21, 2025.

Player Banned for 5000 Days from Modern Warfare 3 [MP1st, via Twitter]


    Then they'll be forced to play other games and realise there are much better games out there to occupy their time.

    ...or just create a new account.

      It might seem unfathomable to you but some people actually enjoy playing Call of Duty

        Yes, but those people aren't worth very much as human beings.

          lol oh snap.

        Yes... enjoyment for those with sub 50 IQs. I bet most COD players sit there mesmerised by all the Michael Bay explosions feeling like an absolute hero only to bar up when they hear "Harrier Strike Available!".

        At least Gears of War players freely admit they like tight buns and sweaty muscles.

          yep tell that to SAS and Australian Army members who play COD for Fun. It's not like they have to do exam's to get in or anything they are just muscular idiots. Or how about to the physics and engineering majors who are at university that I play CoD with once a week. I'm sure they would love to hear home much smarter you are compared to them because you don't play Call of Duty.

            evidently I am not a physics or engineering major. lol

              LOL, implying that Australian soldiers are smart...

                A modern soldier is an expert in a large number of skills, must be psychologically stable and not only capable of properly following orders but show adaptability and be quick to respond to changes in a variety of environments, often with unknwon variables.

                Entrance requirements are more stringent than ever. Soldiers are intelligent or they would not be successful soldiers. To assert otherwise is ignorance.

                I assume anyone who has not been a soldier is not good enough to be a soldier, including myself. Prove otherwise, and then you are entitled to a contrary opinion. Until then, you shut your facehole and pay respect to men and women who perform a job you aren't up to.

                  I live on an army base, serve army men and know a lot of them.

                  They're not that smart, trust me.

                Well If you have below a Below 50 IQ, you are actually classed as disabled/mentally retarded.

            The difference is that most people in the military just want to get right into the action, rather than spend ages debating over which game is better. For us people who act as if games are essentially life support, we don't treat any games like that.

              Sure I agree that we as a general consensus basically treat games like life support but to say that people in the army would not do the same thing is a bit off I believe, while it may be true for a large number of our gaming armed forces the group that I have associated with share a similar sentiment to the majority of Kotaku in the way they think about and play video games.

      And ruin those for everyone else.

        lol right didn't think of that. It's bad enough that any online game of Assassin's Creed is ruined by CoD players running about on the rooftops. Although it's so satisfying to beat their 20 kill streak with only 7 and have them rage and scream over not knowing how they lost.

    Isn't '5000 Bands' the new supergroup formed by the guy from '10000 Maniacs'?

    Five thousands days isn't so bad. At least it's not over NINE THOUSAND!
    .... it's also better than an arrow in the knee.

      Vegeta, what does Xbox live say about the ban duration?

        My power level used to be over nine thousand, but then I took and arrow in the knee.

          ...And Raditz totally rescues the chain. I tip my hat to you

    They could just wait til the next latest-and-greatest, bestselling, groundbreaking, revolutionary Call of Duty game comes out in 12 months or so.

    Jesus, by the time their bans expire... they'll be old enough to play it.

    So, 13 and a half years is permanent?

    Headline in tomorrow's paper:

    I bet in 5000 days MW3 still costs $90 on PC, same as MW2.

    This is what you get for bringing a crossbow to Call Of Duty.....

    Hey, Can I just say to all the COD haters out there, when you play with a couple of mates, it can be enjoyable. I have never played COD style FPS games before, never actually even seen or played BLOPS or MW2... but MW3 has been real fun.

    I am also playing everything from Forza to Skyrim, to saits row to gears to deus ex to batman... so don't lump me in with these FPS fanboys who dont play other games... but also don't simply generalise that FPS players are 'non gamers'... or whatever.

    I am a gamer and as a result, I enjoy gaming... in its many different forms and I am damn proud of that.

    Don't hate!

      You should give Battlefield 3 a go then... You'll probably like it more than MW3 :)

      Get those same friends together and play a few rounds of Conquest on Battlefield 3. It's a considerable step up in fun and the teamwork required. I have both, played both and BF3 really is light years ahead.

      Just don't feel bad when you get absolutely slaughtered the first time you play Metro.

        Prior to Metro, I wasn't aware that an auto shotgun was a necessary accessory for Parisian commuting.

      Well said dude

      I don't hate CoD, I hate how poisonous it's been to gamers and gaming in general.

      actually, when you've never played cod it is quite a bit of fun, but after a while it gets really boring and annoying

    Not really into COD, but I hope that if these bans are given out, it's only for things like hacking or something equally malicious.

    who cares if 12 year old get banned when they can play again they be the legel age .

    This is one of the reasons I hate COD

    I love how everyone that hates CoD sounds like such a hipster oxygen waster.

    I'm prefer BF but I don't sound like an interweb aaR-tard with my preference

      If we were Hipsters we would be saying CoD hasn't been good since Medal of Honour.

        medal of honour hasn't been good since I had to double snipe the enemy to take em out

    People reading COD related articles purely to whinge about people that enjoy it are sad. If you despise it so much stop reading articles about it.

    PROF that cod sucks and gay and hahahaha trolol


    I long for the days when fpss were about running and gunning, circle strafing and pulling off unreal rocket launcher shots and dodging the other guys rockets. All this hiding behind cover, then sprinting to the next bit of cover just to get pwned by some sniper you never saw makes me yawn.

    I guess I should be playing TF2, but still with the snipers... much fun being the sniper. Zero fun being hit by snipers.

      Ah, but there is much satisfaction to be had in working your way around behind a sniper and stabbing him in the back (teabagging.optional).

    Interesting interpretation of a permaban. Why wouldn't they just say "You have been permabanned" or something more direct than this?

      But it's not permanent, it's just 13 years. And a bit.

    xbl bans were for autofire controllers and lag switches, they still dont care about lag compensation abuse (which is cake to doon all 3 platforms) or getting under the map MOAB farming

    I love when cheaters get a slap in the face, don't play MW but good work! BF3 ftw, BF2BC2 ftgdw

    I use to be a MW3 player.. till I took an arrow to the knee

      please stop

    2025? Isnt that when Call of Duty: Modern Warfare XVI is being released?

    It might look as good as Battlefield 3 by then...

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