Your Teenage Son Who Seems Pretty Normal But Who You Don’t Talk To

Your Teenage Son Who Seems Pretty Normal But Who You Don’t Talk To
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He gets OK grades in school. He has a few friends. They seem passable. He eats at the table every night and sits in the back seat of the car every weekend, but really, he’s a teenage boy. You don’t know him.

You think you do, but you don’t. He’s a mess. Underneath his skin he’s all hormones and confusion and angst and misunderstanding. Oh, and video games.

A Jar Of Mortal Terror

With pimples and/or an awkward teenage gait, the boy won’t be scaring anybody any time soon. So a jar of Mortal Terror should help him out, in case he absolutely needs to scare the heebies out of somebody.


The Nic Cage Adventure Set

He’s old enough to appreciate the irony, but still young enough to maybe actually play with it when nobody’s looking.


Meat Bun Shirt

There’s a very real danger that your son may be shopping somewhere like Hot Topic. Stop this madness at once with a t-shirt from Meat Bun. Your safest/best option would probably be their classic “4th Gen” shirt, now available in grey-on-black.


4000 Microsoft Points

You might think buying him a game is a good idea. It’s not. He’s likely to be very fussy with his games. Very snobby. So get him this. It’ll let him buy his own games!


PlayStation Vita

It won’t actually be released by Christmas, but present him with a pre-order receipt for one and he’ll still be happy. It’s a gaming handheld, it’s new, it’s shiny, he’ll likely want one, so you’ll be doing a great deed by getting one for him.



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