A Dreamcast 2 Could Have Looked Like This

When Sega pulled out of the hardware race over a decade ago, it meant the poor little Dreamcast never got the successor it deserved. Well, aside from the Xbox.

That hasn't stopped French industrial design student Elie Ahovi from conceptualising what a Dreamcast 2 could have looked like.

Being an actual industrial designer, and not a disgruntled and cranky old Sega fan, Ahovi applies a little more thought to the process than simply "oh that looks good enough", lifting the dominant shapes and lines from the design of the Dreamcast and its controller and turning them into something a little more contemporary.

After which he goes bonkers with the blue sky technical wizardry.

Scroll through the gallery above to see the project in full, as there's been quite a lot of thought put into not just the console's appearance, but its functionality as well.

Elie Ahovi [Behance]


    I want one!!!

    Ah the good ole days when video games companies made video games consoles......

    I almost jumped ship from my favorite platform for a Dreamcast - they were inredible. Typically poor timing on Sega's part, combined with their already waning fanbase cemented it's demise. Though from what I understand they still have a dedicated and active homebrew community.

    Still debating buying one off eBay....

    Love the all the design concept work they've done. Seeing it laid out like that makes it feel so much more real, rather than just "Oh I think this looks cool LoL"

    Brilliant design process and Ideas, I really hope that anyone who works at Sega sees this.

    Looks Wii inspired

      more like western digital inspired,

      look like an old my book (?) external hard drive

        Oh yes that too. I have 1 my book sitting around somewhere. A black Wii + WD My Book + Dorito

    looks better then the hideous WiiU

    It's a shame Sega still isn't in the console race any more. The Sega Master System 2 hold some good gaming memorys for me and many others. Wish the choice of a big name home consoles wasn't settled down to just 3 choices.

      yes but back then it was Sega or Nintendo atari was gone and ps wasnt around yet same with xbox

    Concept falls apart as soon as "use a smart phone as a controller" is mentioned

    Guitar pick

    Who cares? It could have looked like an elephant on stilts for all we know. But it didn't look like anything, because it never actually existed. What a waste of bandwidth.

      Not unlike your pointless, bitchy comments.

      Indeed. You hit reply, loaded the page again and wasted more of your precious bandwidth and time leaving a pointless, bitter comment. You win.

    If u haven't got a DC. Get one. Cheap on ebay - easy to use homebrew etc on plus some awesome games available. Powerstone, house of dead 2, sega rally, shenmue...

      ^Agree. I bought a modchipped DC and never regretted it - I bought a TON of games while in Japan not to mention all the titles I got off eBay etc. I still think that most DC games look prettier than other platforms games of that generation.

      Also, it has VGA out. And you wouldn't believe how good games look through the VGA adapter. It makes all the difference. Fired up Shadowman the other day - looked (and still plays) great. Man, I love, love, LOVE my Dreamcast.

    nice design but there is a reason consoles are squarish

    Reminds me of a quarter of a cheese wheel.

    Yuck. Not a fan of this design.

    Amazing. Great concept.

    I'm glad to see this guy has made the effort to retain the visual language Sega used. I still believe the original Dreamcast to be the best console product design ever.

    Fan-made concepts for something that never happened are always crap. Anyone can make up anything if they really want.

    The Dreamcast 2 It Cant Be! Looks AMAZING!!!!

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