After writing 11,296 stories for Kotaku I find myself at a loss for words as I write this, my last for the site.

I leave both Kotaku and Gawker Media today after more than seven years of features and news, silliness and personal tragedy, contests, parties, reviews and redesigns. I leave the site in good hands, with Stephen Totilo taking over the role of Editor in Chief of Kotaku. I will miss you all: The writers, the readers, the steady rhythm of news, the buzzing of community response.

The time is right, though, for a parting of the ways. I can leave knowing that something I was fortunate enough to see blossom into life will continue to thrive beyond me.

Much has changed from when I started more than seven years ago at Kotaku, two months after its launch. The site was an unknown, an unpronounceable off-shoot of Gawker Media with a readership of 10,000. I was a full-time newspaper reporter, spending those early days covering gaming for Kotaku and my afternoons and evenings writing about homicides, serial killers, gang-bangers and raging wildfires for the Rocky Mountain News.

Over the years, Kotaku's community grew to more than five and a half million readers. You all put up with my personal interjections, watched with me as my son grew up with a Playstation Portable, a Wii remote, an Xbox and PS3 controller, a plastic guitar in his hand. You were there for me during the worst year of my life and for some of the best. We came to know one another, and I'd like to think that on some level we became friends.

I'm exceedingly proud of what Kotaku, its readers and its writers, have come together to create. That I was witness to it and managed to not mess it up too much, will always be something I cherish.

Take care of each other, never forget the talent of these writers and editors, nor your responsibility as readers and community commenters. Be kind, be fair, be here.

I'm lousy at goodbyes. (Anyone who knows me well, knows I'm also pretty terrible at hellos too). So, I'll just say that I'll see you around. Around in the comments on Kotaku, on Google+, Facebook, and Twitter. And soon, in my new role, in my new place.

If you're interested follow me on Twitter. Heck, I trust you. Here's my email too: crecente At Gmail dot com.

Ps. I'm the one in the bird shirt in that photo. :p


    I wish you the best of luck with your future endeavors Brian! Thank you so much for all the years of hard work for Kotaku contributing to the site and helping to build its awesome reputation!

    No, it's meant to be the *other* Brian that goes away!

    I'm with MrTaco - the whole time I read this thinking it was Ashcraft who was GTFOing, and I was like "ah well."

    Kept looking at his smug little face in that pic above and chuckling.

    Then I hit the last line, and he said he was the dude on the left, and I realised who this had been the whole time.

    Crecente was usually great, though! Gonna miss him...

    Crecente was always... entertaining. I'll give him that. He didn't make me want to throw things at my screen like Bashcraft and Plunket.

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