Alan Wake: Now With The Sweet Horde Mode You Never Asked For

Yes, you read that right. Alan Wake now has a horde mode, and a rather good one at that. It seems that every game has one these days. However, is this something that Alan Wake fans want?

I got to sit down with the new "Fight 'til Dawn" mode in Alan Wake's American Nightmare, and yep, that's just what you do. Fight 'til dawn. If this already is of no interest to you, go ahead and read Brian Crecente's in-depth preview of American Nightmare and interview with Remedy Entertainment instead. However, if you're still curious, come along with me and my flashlight. I said flashlight, not Fleshlight. Perverts.

You see, I'm not a big Alan Wake fan, but I know a lotof people who are. They love the story and the atmosphere and the occasional bits of terrifying yet extremely solid gunplay.

However, Fight 'til Dawn is nothing but gunplay. As Brian put it:

Players start armed with a flash light and a handgun and have to run around the massive maps looking for new weapons, more ammo and the occasional, healing lamp post. The object is to last till the sun rises. The many, varied enemies come in waves walking from the shadows, slowly, quietly surrounding you as you desperately fight and flee to survive.

Not only are the mechanics just as solid, if not more so, than in Alan Wake, but your arsenal of weapons is not to shabby either. Everything from pistols to shotguns to crossbows will be available to help you fight 'til dawn against the hordes of rampaging supernatural baddies. All the weapons feel solid and the maps are large and varied. This is as good as a horde mode gets. It even looks better than the original Alan Wake. So why would anyone complain?

After my demo I told several of my friends about this great new mode in American Nightmare and that if it's popular, Remedy might put it in the next Alan Wake game. The responses I got generally ranged from, "Really?" to, "Ugh..."

Yet Remedy said that this is what fans want. Furthermore, it's good. It's real good! However, there's always going to be people that say even though a mode like this is completely optional, it shouldn't be allowed.

"It's going to take away form the single player development and the story!"

"Git yer Gears of War outta mah Alan Wake!"

Trust me, they get that. However, Remedy seems to believe that the majority of their fans wanted more action, and now they have it. Think of it this way, if Blizzard had only listened to me and the other several thousand hardcore raiders that cleared the Sunwell, and never opened the game up to more casual players, we never would have been blessed with the upcoming Mists of Pandaria expansion! Wait... shit.

So, sound off! Awesome or not, is horde mode what you want in this and the next Alan Wake game?


    Why do people always call these modes "horde modes"? Survival gametypes have been around looong before GoW2.

      Yes but Gears made it popular

        um no was pretty popular before that. maybe not on the modern console but its been around for ages. just look at some of the old flash games.

          Gears made it popular to the mass market.

      Probably the same reason why everybody says regenerative health started with Halo despite the fact that we didn't get that until Reach (as an option).

        what??? halo 1 was all about the hide until you're fully healed. shield or health bar ... same thing really

          In the Halo games you have a shield... and then you have a health bar under the shield...

          IIRC, the shield regens but the health bar does not.

            But the shield is your basically your health, it depletes with damage. the actual health bar is just your last bit of health. Before, all damage was irreversible in most games without health packs.

    Am I the only person who didn't even think of a fleshlight until it was mentioned?

    Are you new? You're not very good are you? Shit, fucking, bollocks, fleshlight. Quite the wordsmith.

    "Yet Remedy said that this is what fans want"

    People who aren't actually interested in the original game maybe.. people who see the graphics and atmosphere of the original game and all they can think of is blasting zombie brains all over the wall..

    Fans? Of the actual game?.. hard to believe.

    I'd like more creepy day time scenes, meet-and-greeting the locals in town. Piecing together the mystery. Some of my favourite parts of the original game were the early scenes arriving at the cabin, exploring and the like. Combat was probably the games weakest link.

      Agreed. I'm sure this is good and all, but I'd rather they focused on the non-combat elements.

      Totally disagree, I think the very solid and fun shooting mechanic was the only thing AW had going for it. The terrible story, dialogue and 'atmosphere' were awkward, cringeworthy and undermined by poor design choices. I'd LOVE a game where those things were done well and there was more focus on them than the shooting, but not when I'm looking at the back of Alan's head.

        I personally loved the story, very meta and so gonna be divisive. I also liked the bits in the woods. Just not the gunplay so much

          I liked the idea of the story, but I thought the execution was clumsy and it ruined it for me. The woods would have been INCREDIBLE...IF they didnt 1) pause and show you the enemies every time therefore destroying any fear/tension and 2) not have a constant minimap, checkpoint and goal on screen. Imagine if they let you get lost in those woods and you didnt know when you were going to be attacked? That would have been amazing.

    It pains me to this day when I read reviews for Alan Wake at the time that had lack of MP as a con for the game. Sigh.

      Is this mode Multiplayer though or just some sort of score attack mode (it isn't specified) either way More Alan Wake is a good thing!

    I actually think it will be fun. Yes it takes away from the game (SP) but so what. I can play these two as two differnt games. I loved Horde mode in GOW3 and I will say that the atmosphere in thie game is a place i'd like to spend some more time with mates... could be good...??? but totally agree that ive never heard a 'fan' ask for this.

    i blame you and you alone for pandas

    You gotta have mp in this day and age. re5 pulled it off nicely. Never played AW but having this in the new one will entice me a fair bit. Even skyrim has a mp mod now. SP only games days are numbered

      Resident Evil 5 did NOT pull it off nicely. Well, I mean the gameplay was generally ok (aside from mounted gun sections and the giant boss right after a particular mounted gun section) but it was not a Resident Evil game. Multiplayer killed the franchise's whole point of existence and difference.

        Resi 5 was incredibly fun, who gives a fuck if it was different to the games that came before it. It had solid, good gameplay that worked for co-cop. Who are you to say what the point of a franchise is, who are you to say that it wasn't a resident evil game.
        it was fun, it had Chris, Jill and Wesker.

          It didn't have any of the scariness that the previous games had. It changed the nature of the fear from actual well-paced scares and a sense of dread to throwing hordes of cannon fodder at you.

          They used the Resident Evil name to sell a game that was far more akin to Gears of War than Resident Evil, and that's fine, Gears of War is one of my favourite franchises, I just want them to be honest about what they are doing, and give it a different name, even Resident Evil: ACTION COPS or something, something to stress this is not a normal game in the franchise.

    I'm willing to give it a try but I'm also not too keen on it to begin with. When I played Alan Wake I enjoyed it for the mystery and the atmosphere and the Twin Peaks vibe. The combat was decent but to me wasn't the core of the experience at all. Bar the awesome stage concert fight sequence in chapter 4 or whatever, I only really enjoyed the combat in those quiet, intense moments where you hoped an enemy wasn't lurking around a corner (but more often than not, they were).

    What is with the recent fad or complaining that giving a game more features will take away from the same game, There's only so much you can do with a single player story, then you move on to work on the next thing. Raw hours spent on something does not equal quality.

    I think it sounds great, adds a bit of re playability.

      I think you're right, man. It was just the 'fans demanded this' thing that was a bit odd -- especially when there's still things in the core game that could be improved. There's most definitely a place for this, though.

    I love Alan Wake. Can't wait for this one. Not to sure about the survival mode, will have to see. I love the story and creepy atmosphere, hopefully they can make it even better.

    Nobody wanted more action in Alan Wake, it had to much as it is. That being said half of that was down to the lack of variety.

    I think it was less that the fans demanded it and more that Microsoft was probably pressuring them hardcore to include it in the next Alan Wake game and that this was the compromise that was arrived at.

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