Fund GildenTide And Help Develop A Steampunk Street Fighter

Circular Geometry Studios loved the gameplay of the Street Fighter Alpha Series, and seeks to develop in a space where indie games don't get much attention: the fighting genre.

"After seeing that a small group like the developers of the video game Skullgirls can indeed create a fighting game, we gathered talented people who wanted to see this vision become a reality," Circular Geometry writes on its Kickstarter page. Its plan: Craft a 2D fighter using 3D models, and swaddle all of it in a luxurious "steampunk British-inspired" motif.

Circular Geometry is building GildenTide on the versatile Unity 3D engine for PC, Xbox Live Arcade, and PlayStation Network. "As of right now, we are working with GGPO, one of the best network codes for fighting games available, to ensure that our online play is as smooth as possible." They've designed a five-button system involving two punches, two kicks, and "a fifth button called insight." Special attacks will be executed by the usual series of joystick movements and button presses, and the traditional super bar of fighters will be replaced by "an old school pocket watch called the Watch Gauge."

Many more details at GildenTide's Kickstarter page.

Goal: $US20,000

Notable Reward: $US400 or more — Become a patron of the fine fighting arts and Circular Geometry will bestow upon you a signed, custom piece of GildenTide art, in both hard copy and digital format, should you wish to decorate your fight stick with it.

Chances: Looks tough right now, admittedly. Circular Geometry is just $US932 of the way there. The drive finishes up in more than a month, so there's still time. And the high funding total represents the development infrastructure needed to build a multiplayer fighter.

Finishes: Feb. 6.

GildenTide [Kickstarter]


    I'd suggest people might be a little more inclined to part with their money if these guys had more than one passable looking rigged character and some sketchy concept art to show off.

    Wow, maybe I should make a kick starter page, I've got plenty of original ideas without a shred of the resources needed to actually put the donations to any use.

    Isn't the whole point of being an indie developer not needing funding?

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