Goodbye Pervert Woody Face!

It seemed so innocuous at first. Legendary Japanese figure maker Kaiyodo released a Woody from Toy Story figure. It included an alternate face that would become a party of internet infamy: Pervert Woody.

The face spawned its own online fandom in Japan — and abroad. Japanese game and anime figures were constantly assaulted and harassed by pervert Woody. That dirty bastard.

Kaiyodo is releasing the figure again, but, as website Tomopop pointed out, it will not include the hentai (pervert) face. Instead, it will come with a scared face, which will probably lead to all sorts of hilarity if you already have the hentai Woody face.

It's available for pre-order for ¥2,286 and will be out in Japan this March.

リボルテック ピクサーフィギュアコレクション No.005 ウッディ [HobbySearch]


    pervert woody is one of my faveorite memes.

    for a few more, click! warning, very NSFW

      Good times.

      They should bring out a pervy Jessie before they do another Woody though Imo.
      Then Woody and Jessie could have fun luring kids into vans et al.

    That face is the only reason I would want woody!

    I forgot all about pervert woody: that face is the best thing ever.

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