Kid Icarus: Uprising Will Be Bundled With A Stupid Stand!

Kid Icarus: Uprising Will Be Bundled With A Stupid Stand!

Who’s excited about Kid Icarus? I sure am. But this ridiculous stand that’s packaged with it? Nothankyou.

According to Kid Icarus: Uprising designer Masahiro Sakurai, the game will come with this “Nintendo 3DS Stand”. The point, Sakurai tweeted, is to keep the 3DS steady during touch-pen play. But isn’t that what hands are for?

Of course, the stand can be used for other games. Or like some other Nintendo peripherals, it can collect dust on your bookshelf.

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      • I do. I never use public transport and if I’m going somewhere its for a reason. Publishers choose to jump consoles with their games such as Kingdom Hearts/Zelda etc, so as long as I want to play them I’m using a handheld at home.

      • No, more so I can display it proudly on my mantlepiece and tell my grand-children stories about the days when 3D first came to Nintendo. (Yes I am deliberately not mentioning the Virtual-Boy).

  • What. The. Fuck. Nintendo has fucking lost it. They are dooming the 3DS to a second rate crap-gadget full of plastic shovel shit…. just like the Wii.

    • omfg Ninty is the devil!!!1111 Providing you with something you can choose whether or not to use.

      If you’re unhappy with you 3DS go sell it.

  • why would you complain its just a piece of plastic that comes with the game throw it out if you don’t want it DUH instead of complaining and anyway the nes had a similar thing for the controller

  • I guess this puts a hole in the rumour that Kid Icarus will use the 2nd thumbstick addon? Oh well. I won’t say no to a freebie. Especially one that you don’t actually need to play the game.

  • Oh god. When I tried the demo for the game, I concluded it was near-impossible to play with the 3D feature due to one-handed play. This is an attampt at a solution. It is not a solution.

  • I love how its even got a diagram of the 3DS with an arrow to show you where to put it. Nintendo dont think much of us do they? At least its free.

  • omg this is like so stupid its stuff like this and all the stuff they do that is like stupid and with the wii and omg like the 3DS is sooo gonna fail and its stupid like the wii omg

    What I wrote above is what I hear a lot of when it comes to Nintendo since the release of the Wii and it astounds me that stupidity can be that prevalent. The Wii has done better than both the 360 and the PS3 by a longshot. The 3DS is doing better than the DS yet people continue to spout crap as if they are KotakuUS followers or Scientologists (both are tied for dumbest folk on the planet).

    You morons know you have a home at the aforementioned KotakuUS right? Your stupidity will be welcomed as prophetic advice. So go there and stay there. Don’t sully this place with tripe like “They are dooming the 3DS to a second rate crap-gadget full of plastic shovel shit…. just like the Wii.” and “OMG what a useless piece of junk, another high quality nintendo product with the gold seal of quality”

    • Omg how dare they give me something for free that I may or may not use. I will never buy a Nintendo product again….

      • The sheer nerve of Nintendo to do such a thing is astounding is it not? It’s outrageous, it’s preposterous, it’s down right despicable.

        • Ay Chazz are you going to pirate the stand to test before you buy. Sorry dude had to after that pirating article found it entertaining.

          • Well cmon man, you can do better than that. If you are to mock me then make it funny! I can take it! I have a beard you know!

    • THANK YOU! I do not understand the Nintendo hate. Just look at the 3DS and the PSVita. Vita sales have dropped while the 3DS sales are still going strong.
      Nintendo have always experimented with their consoles and their peripherals and they’ve been around for over 25 years.
      No other company comes close in comparison.

      • I appreciate the thanks but I’m not deserving of it. Nintendo are for always trying something new, for always being different and for always being consistent in introducing new ways to enjoy gaming as well as being able to keep franchises fresh. No other gaming company can make such a boast.

  • Would it also be useful when playing the Kid Icarus Card Game? That way you can keep the 3DS pointed at the right angle while you tap or switch cards on the table.

  • I find it funny everyone is getting it for free and arent forced to use it, yet are bitching about it? /shrugs.

  • I look at this accessory and thing – damn all those DS Call of Duty games would’ve been so much easier with something like this!

    • See, that comment would have had some validity if not for the fact that the peripheral is *packaged* with a game.

  • So much Nintendo hate! There is nothing wrong with the stand, they are simply giving buyers an extra way to play the game for FREE. That’s something you wouldn’t see Sony or Microsoft doing.

    You don’t have to use the stand. I for one, will at least try it out, it might actually be more comfortable.

    • You can’t get blood from a stone, the same way you can’t get quality from KotakuUS.

      Hitler will come back to life and promote racial equality before KotakuUS show any sign of having decent staff.

  • I can’t be the only one who see’s a potential legitimate application for those with a disability or a degenerative bone disease in their hands etc, making it hard for them to grip the device.. Stop being so close minded people. Don’t like it? Don’t use it, pretty simple.

  • I don’t mind the extra peripherals for the 3DS. I’ve recently found the console a little too thin to hold, so whatever provides better comfort, I’m up.

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