Kotaku Cautiously, Optimistically Accepts Accolade

We at Kotaku are proud to have just won The Cautious Optimism Award for Steps in the Right Direction from progressive gaming blog The Border House. Unfortunately, if we say anything nice about them in the future, it'll look fishy.


    After hitting my radar recently I have read a number of articles from this Border house site and sadly (I thought they could be more) I have come to the conclusion that if something is aimed as young or heterosexual males then they are against it.
    Sad really as I believe there is room in the world for both traditional and alternative viewpoints but bashing the norm just because it is the norm doesn't work imo.
    Congrats on the Accolade, hope it doesn't mean I'll soon be reading the Kotaku House gaming news but only if your different web site.

    HA! Border House has an article about how frustrating it is that Mario Kart hasn't introduced more female characters to select over the years.

    What a rubbish site. Whole site seems to have that contradicting message of wanting equality whilst promoting labels that in turn create divides between people.

    Awards should only go to Kotaku Australia, not piece of fucking shit Kotaku america.

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