Little Kids Make The Best Street Fighters


    Wow..... what a wast of space.... I mean, yeah its cool, but was it really needed?

    I think Kotaku needs a 'LOOK LOOK LOOK' seciton, and they put stuff like this in it, reather than it being 'News'

      Seriously, man, are you tha jaded and joyless?

      Yeah there are some real nonsensical posts coming out of the US, but this isn't one of them. I think this one is pretty damn awesome.

      Seriously, this influx of people whom only seem to complain just need to gtfo... This isn't Gamespy or IGN or whatever.
      We don't need you here, nor do we want you.

      Once again, as we keep saying to you people as well, kotaku is one part news site and one part blog. One of the great things about this site is not only does it have some absolutely mind-blowingly-good articles, it also has little things like this made to just give you that little smirk or giggle.

      There CAN be crap from the US site now and then, but this isn't it, so quit your bitching.

        Lol. I don't mind this stuff on here, I just think they need there own section for it. Don't have to get your pantis in a twist. :P

          Sorry, my post wasn't entirely directly solely at you. I know you said it is pretty neat, regardless of where the rest of your comment went.

          Why do we need to make a separate part of the site just for this, though? It doesn't make sense to me. It's easy enough to ignore if a person doesn't like it and is how Kotaku has always been.
          It's not just a gaming news site, it's also about everything that surrounds it, whether it's a pop-culture reference or a well executed photoshop.

          Just be thankful there aren't a billion "arrow in the knee" posts :P

        The kid's right - It's not news. It's not news at all. Anyone that calls that news probably suffers a degenerative mental condition - Just like the media reporters on!

        It's bloody entertaining, and I was happy to see it, but it's not news.

        Not news at all.

        Just because you have one and a half fingers stuck up the arse of everyone at Kotaku doesn't mean you can wave their stink in our faces by being a jerk.


          No where in my posts did i say it WAS news, infact what i said was this:

          "kotaku is one part news site and one part blog"

          this would fall under the blog category. Now i suggest you pull your own finger out of your own ass and get off your high horse.

          Also, on a side note, i support the community, rather than "have my fingers up it", as you so colorfully and unimaginatively put it. .
          This is a damn fine place and i want to see people here happy, in fact i busted my ass to make sure ungrateful sods such as yourself and others still got something just for participating and being part of this great community.

          All i was saying is that there is a large influx of half-wit trolls who are slowly making anything outside of TAY a very unpleasant place!

            I neither agree or disagree with either of you but Chuloopa, i do think your being a bit precious. Also what's with the 'we dont want you here or need you here' crap. I'm sorry i missed the memo about you owning the internet.

            I like seeing some of the pointless news items and i also like reading the comments with different points of view and opinions.

            It's a site about videogames and gaming culture that is free to everyone, not just your private little club house.

              I can see where Chuloopa is coming from, although Jagji56's post was reasonably stated and I see nothing wrong with it. I can't speak for Chuloopa, but I'm guessing he's had a gutful at some of the whining and bitching we've seen around here lately and overreacted to Jagji56's post..

              TUALMASOK,.though, your last sentence was seriously out of line.

            There's that word 'ungrateful' from you again, loops. You should climb down off that pedestal, we can all see up your skirt.

        While I agree with Chuloopa's sentiment, I resent the usage of the word 'we' like he represents all of us. I do sense a bit of superiority from Chuloopa of late, I honestly think everyone fawning over him and everything he does wouldn't help at all.

        You're not Kotaku staff Chuloopa, and not all of us think the sun shines out of your proverbials. Remember you're a reader, just like the rest of us.

          I'm sorry if i come off that way.
          I know i am the same as the rest of you. I just get sick of the trolls.
          I definitely don't think i'm better than anyone around here.

          Anyway, as i said on twitter earlier, i haven't slept properly in ages and i'm probably just a bit cranky. Sorry to have flown off the handle.

            That's cool, I appreciate the response. I also get sick of people assuming every dislike/disagree on the internet is simply a troll at work.

            Although it's tough to tell the difference, the modern intarwebz would have you believe every argument or inflammatory comment is a troll - not that said person may actually have an opinion that differs from everyone else.

              Well you can't spell "sweet roll" without "t roll".

    Posted by: Brian Ashcraft.


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