Nine Inch Nails Adds Background Noise To The Darkness II Launch Trailer

Remember back in 1996 when Trent Reznor of Nine Inch Nails fame did the music for Quake? His music in the launch trailer for The Darkness II sounds pretty much just like that.

I don't think it's that Trent Reznor hasn't grown significantly as an artist in the past 16 years. Knowing Reznor is a big-time gamer, I just figure this is the sort of song he hears in his head whenever he's kicking virtual arse, and when someone needs a video game theme it just naturally sounds like this.

That, or Trent Reznor hasn't grown significantly as an artist in the past 16 years.

But hey, how about that Darkness II CG? Isn't Jackie's former love interest's hair amazing?


    I've always wondered, wouldn't the muzzle flash from Jackie's guns affect the darkness?

    Well it's not strictly a new track, it's a variation of a track from The Fragile called The Mark Has Been Made

    I wish Trent would make more music for games...

      Exactly what I was gonna say.

      + 2

    Umm. Trent recently won an oscar. So how he hasn't grown as an artist??? NIN were one of the best bands I have ever seen. What a load of BS.

      When it's said that someone "hasn't grown as an artist" it just means that their style hasn't changed over the years. As awesomely good as Reznor's music is it's pretty much had an unchanged style.

        I disagree. After he made The Fragile and cleaned himself up, his subsequent music changed quite a bit. The difference between The Fragile and With Teeth is massive. His music has since changed again with How To Destroy Angels - that being said, HTDA isn't Nine Ninch Nails. But Nine Inch Nails was for the most part only the one man, so it's a fair comparison.

        'Hasn't grown as an artist' means he never sold out and made music to pander to the masses/top 40. The Downward Spiral and The Fragile are the two greatest albums he's ever made, but I dig the new stuff too. Just in a different way.

    This is a pretty awfully researched post. As Gog mentioned, the song in this trailer is only three years older than the Quake soundtrack. If you want to discuss Trent Reznor's musical evolution over the past 16 years, you'd be better off talking about his recent 'The Social Network' and 'The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo' soundtracks- which, while showing clear lines of descent to the Quake soundtrack, are also radically different.

      The Slip drifted more towards ambient/techno, bridging the gap between HTDA and With Teeth. When you go from The Slip, which sounds very digital, and look at Corona Radiata especially - very ambient - to the "manual" sound of The Fragile and everything before hand, the difference is huge.

      In essence, I agree and wanted to shout out my own opinion.

      It's Kotaku, it's always been a poorly researched blog. Half the time they just copy stories already on other sites.

    "I don’t think it’s that Trent Reznor hasn’t grown significantly as an artist in the past 16 years"

    why does an artist have to grow and change the music he/she creates, the music they initially create which people love. His style is definately unique, people who listen to mainstream music just wont get it.

    there is a group called Chicane, their music for the first two albums wast great, then they changed and it actually turned me off getting anymore from their third album onwards. However their latest album out a couple of years ago now is going back to their original work and is tempting to start buying his music again.

      Far from the maddening crowds.

      Yeah AC/DC.have pretty much written the same somg over amd over again for 40 years and they are the greatest rock band of all time.

        One look at AC/DC's average fanbase should explain the 'greatest rock band of all time' claim quite easily.

    Maybe the song sounds like it's old because it is. It's from NIN's 1999 album 'The Fragile'. The song is called 'The Mark Has Been Made' , it's 13 years old, only 3 years shy of your estimate Mike.

    Mike Fahey writes another poorly opinionated article? Say it ain't so!

    Mike Fahey needs to learn that he writes for a gaming blog and nobody wants to hear his idiotic opinion on music. Opinions may be subjective, but it's safe to say his is a load of BS.

    Also, a story-driven game featuring Mike Patton, with NIN in the trailer? It's like it was custom-made for me.

    @ Mike -why did you post this "article"

    I agree with all the comments about this song being "The Mark Has Been Made" (also heard in "Man on Fire"). I hope the writer of this article has the guts to apologise.

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