Portal 2 Wins Kill Screen’s Game Of The Year

Portal 2 Wins Kill Screen’s Game Of The Year

Over at Kill Screen, they’ve done their yearly “High Scores” poll in which each of their contributors send in a ballot of games, assigning points to any game from 2011. The results of the vote are in, and Portal 2 is the clear winner.

Bastion, Dark Souls, El Shaddai, The Binding of Isaac and Jetpack Joyride are also honoured, among others. Also worth looking through are the critics’ ballots, in which each writer sets out the case for the games on his or her list.

It’s also worth visiting the page just to check out the great illustrations by Michael Rapa, a small segment of which is featured above. Can you spot all the games?

High Scores: The End of 2011 [Kill Screen]


  • Portal 2 is great while it lasts… which isn’t very long.

    I do think it tends to be overrated, the puzzles never change which has a huge impact on replayability imo.

    • Really? What made you think the puzzles never changed? I was wary of Portal being stretched into a full game but I thought there was plenty of variation, what with lasers and gels and launch pads and light bridges and excursion funnels (and of course just portals) to play with.

    • Seriously that’s a good thing – I’m still working my way through Half Life 2 FFS – at least Portal 2 was a) a reasonable length and b) able to play in front of kids (unlike most violent games) therefore expanding the amount of time I had available to finish it!

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