Resident Evil 6 To Feature 6-Player Co-Op?

Resident Evil 6 To Feature 6-Player Co-Op?

With Resident Evil 6 confirmed, has tossed up a product listing. Among the details we haven’t yet heard: the game will feature six-player online co-operative play.

Co-operative play of that size would be a first for Resident Evil, and it might be a play on the game’s series number. Who knows. Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City will feature four-player co-op when it arrives (in North America and Europe) in March. Resident Evil 5, which released in 2009, had two-player co-op.

The listing gives an erroneous release date, but that may be the date the listing was added to the system. The game is confirmed for a November 20 release.

I’ve emailed Capcom representatives to point out the listing and give them a chance to correct or confirm it.

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  • Could be. I’m fairly sure I saw three teams of two running around in the trailer. Leon, Chris, and the unnamed third guy who said life was better as a mercenary. Pretty sure each of them had their own partner too.

    • That’s worrying. The forced coop in RE5 resulted in some of the worst features in that game. RE5 would’ve been fantastic without it, IMO.
      If they absolutely must have another real time inventory, base it off dead space’s (with amazing features like drop item instead of vaporise it) and nothing like the awful system in RE5

      • Remain optimistic – RE5 co-op felt like a tacked on afterthought, which I think it actually was. Hopefully if co-op is intended for RE6 from day one, it will be implemented a little better.

        • TBH, i thought the coop in RE5 was actually pretty good, IF you’re actually playing coop, but the problem is it forced it upon you. If you wanted to play single player, the game was far more frustrating when it didn’t need to be.

          • Much as I liked RE4, my memories of the RE5 are a hundred times fonder because I played the entire game with mate (once through entirely with one friend and again a few months later with another). I understand though that if you have no-one to play with (life sucks) it would probably make the game a lot less enjoyable than its predecessor.
            I really hope RE6 is couch co-op because that feature (and the fact that the whole game was built around it) made RE5 one of the most enjoyable games I have ever played.

      • I though the RE5 inventory was great.

        Sure, the RE4 one is a lot more survival horror, but while RE5 lost a lot of the horror it was a brilliant action game at least. I’m not sure what you mean by vapourising items, as I managed my inventory by dropping what I wasn’t using into the storage you can access at checkpoints. Being able to store weapons meant I could try and upgrade every weapon in the game.

        Of course, it did make the game pretty easy. Maybe a good middle ground is the magic storage chests found in the early games.

        Because of the overpowered inventory system in RE5 I never realised you couldn’t drop weapons. If they have a more balanced inventory system it’d be great to be able to drop weapons on the ground and come back for them.

        • The inventory in RE5 was my most loathed feature. I thought it had clunky controls for selecting, moving, and using and since it was real time, it made it very frustrating if you’re in a bind. It was only ever 18 slots (not upgradable) and as a result spend far too long faffing about in it (more than i ever did in RE4’s one).
          If you needed a bit of health, say the amount a single herb would refill, you only had healing sprays or red and green mxed, and there was one green the ground, you couldn’t just drop an item, pick up the green, use it and then pick up the dropped item, if you drop an item you destroy it. WTF? You couldn’t even use the “pick up and use” in one action option if your inventory was full.

          Dead Space got real time inventory right. Automatic sorting, upgradable amount of slots, the weapon quick select was separate and quick use health buttons (using only what was needed, so use a small health first if you only needed a small heal).

          I liked RE5, i thought it was a terrific fan-service in terms of seeing the Chris/Jill/Wesker story come to a close, but they made some idiotic decisions in the game design, and removed some of the charm RE4 had (who didn’t like the Merchant? And the ending credit sequence of RE4 was beautiful)

  • Did you guys ever stop to think that maybe their going to have a mercenaries that can feature up to 6-8 people?

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