I Would Never Stop Playing A Co-Op Version Of The First Resident Evil

I remember playing Resident Evil on the original PlayStation and thinking "Boy, this should totally have co-op." This somewhat came to pass with Resident Evil 5, but part of me still yearns to share my master of unlocking stories with another person. Lo and behold, someone is giving it a crack.

Thanks to Unity and a little reverse-engineering of Resident Evil, a coder by the name of VirusPunk has some rudimentary co-operative gameplay happening.

It's still very much in the early stages and could very well never amount to a complete experience, but that won't stop me keeping an eye on it.

On Reddit, VirusPunk explains a bit about the project:

The way you're doing this engine, is it specifically tied to porting just RE, or is this something you could do on most PS1 games?   For other PS1 era games, it depends on having access to the assets used. Most importantly, character models and their animations. With RE, we have access to all of this stuff so its very easy to write a from scratch clone. I'm surprised no one else has attempted it yet. ... I have access to all of the assets from RE1, RE1.5 and RE2. We've come a long ways with reverse engineering the file formats so we now have the tools that allow us to easily edit and extract the assets (models/animations, room data, etc) No original source code, all of it done from scratch.

Here's a video from a few months ago showing an AI character following around the player. Given RE 5's questionable attempt at this, I don't think demand will be high for this particular feature.

Resident Evil 1 Online Multiplayer in Unity Engine [Reddit]


    "Given RE 5‘s questionable attempt at this, I don’t think demand will be high for this particular feature."

    For serious? RE5's co-op was the most enjoyable part of the game, and the reason I finished it (And it's DLC) multiple times over with an old house mate.

      I'm pretty sure that sentence is in regards to playing with an AI buddy in RE5. Which was truly awful.

        Ah, so it is. My bad. Me fail at basic reading comprehension.

        The AI was perfect in attack mode.

        They killed things, without you telling them to. They grabbed ammo for their gun and gave you ammo for your gun. They broke boxes and collected herbs, grenades, money, etc. They switched to suitable guns, not to mention combat distance. Their aiming was perfect. They healed you when you needed healing.

        There's nothing but good things to say about Resident Evil 5's AI partner.

    Capcom tried this and made a terrible mess of it, so obviously the customers don't want it, right?

      I hope you're referring to the Nintendo DS port, where your local network co-op partner was represented by a floating, glowing sprite. That game had weird ideas about co-op play.

        I was talking about pretty much all of the poorly implemented coop. It'd be just like capcom to look at the complaints and decide that people don't want coop, rather than that they made terrible coop.

    I always thought RE0 would have been great with co-op.

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