Rumour: Next Xbox And PS Will Be At E3 2012

MCV is reporting that both the next Xbox console from Microsoft and Sony's next PlayStation home console will both make their debuts at this year's E3.

It's implied in the story that the news comes from external parties associated with both platform holders, in Microsoft's case its "partners", in Sony's case "third parties". Were this to go down, well, we'd be looking at one hell of an E3.

Next Xbox AND PS4 set for biggest ever E3 [MCV]


    Here we go again!

    PS4 was aleady anounsed at E3 last year. Just not at the big keynote. Insted it was done after the Wii U was anounsedby. XD

    I really wish this is just a rumour and doesn't actually happen. Developers are just hitting their stride with the Xbox 360 and the PS3.

    Plus, what would a current gen console focus on? Motion controls, HD display and social networking. Ugh.

    its rumor the odds of new xbox being announced this year are low and even lower they it will release this year

    next year if it doesnt get announced this year then for sure next year announcment and 2013 xmas - mid 2014 release of console.

    Excititing news, this will be the most exciting e3 ever !! However, What would next gen xbox or ps be!? Wii U is offering huge leap in graphics up to 1080p and offering new play mechanics once again with the 2nd screen. Big reason there to upgrade from Wii. What the f would be the reason to upgrade from 360 or ps3!? Tiny leap in graphics aint gonna cut it. I dont think the time is ready yet!

      Who says the upgrade in graphics will be tiny? I've heard the opposite. There's no denying that today's consoles are dated in terms of power.

        Think more along the lines of playable gameplay mechanics in the form of Avatar graphics.

      I'm wondering the same thing - apart from an improvement in textures - the big noticable leap between this and last gen is the massive increase in Polygon count - but the poly count is now at the point where models are starting to look photorealistic which means graphically at least - there ain't nowhere else to go.

      The main benefits will be increased RAM and processing power - but those things by themselves don't move systems.

    its a rumour get over it play your games

    About friggin time, as mostly a p.c. gamer I've felt that the six year tech in the current consoles is holding the industry as a hole back.

    Maybe if we keep making this announcement it'll eventually be true!

    Seriously though, I do think we will see the next Xbox this year, for a 2013 release.


    seriously, a rumour is a rumour, billions of people have probably "speculated" this, if it isn't an official announcement then this isn't news worthy,

      MCV wouldn't publish something like this unless they had it cold... they're not like a normal games blog.

      Given the nature of the information, I'd say it's someone organisng e3.

    Is too early for the enxt Gen. We are in a PC phase right now.
    A lot of ex -PC gamers who switched to consoles are moving pack to PC's because the consoles are old and long in the tooth.
    Its a boom time for pc gaming and upgrades. Releasing new consoles now would stall the PC gaming market.
    Another couple of years at least, once the PC gamers have all upgraded, then the next gen of consoles. That makes the best marketing sense for MS.

      MS Marketing Person: "our suggestion is we wait another couple of years before releasing any major hardware upgrades, let every other hardware manufacturer profit except us while we take a loss. Then when all the pc gamers say it's ok, and only then, we release a new console on to the market, how does that sound mr Gates?
      Gates: I want your desk cleaned out by the end of the day.

      It makes sense for MS to let their XBox market run off to the much less lucrative PC gaming market? From where they may or may not return to XBox? Especially if Sony and Nintendo launch in the meantime? MS and especially Sony/Nintendo don't give a toss about what's good for the PC gaming market. Upgrades are good for hardware makers, but MS would make a lot more money selling new XBoxes, games and XBL subscriptions to those people rather than a few Windows upgrades.

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