No, There Won't Be A PlayStation 4 At E3

Last week, trade site MCV reported that the PlayStation 4 would make an appearance at this year's E3 in Los Angeles. Sony begs to differ.

Both Sony Computer Entertainment and Sony Corp. have come out in denial of the report, with SCE's Andrew House telling CVG "I don't think we're contemplating talking about anything to do with future console iterations at this point."

Sony's Kaz Hirai, meanwhile, said the same thing. "Andy (House) is absolutely right in that we are not making any announcements at E3. I've always said a 10-year life cycle for PS3, and there is no reason to go away from that."

Nintendo's Wii U will obviously be at the June expo, and it's becoming increasingly expected that Microsoft's follow-up to the Xbox 360 will be first revealed there as well. A PS4 presence would have made it one hell of a show, but, well, bummer.

Anyway, while you're here, if you're wondering where the top image came from, it's the work of industrial designer Joseph Dumary, whose Xbox concept we've featured here on Kotaku. You can see more of his PS4 imaginings here.

Sony 'not contemplating' future console talk, says House [CVG]

Sony Doesn't Plan To Unveil A New PlayStation At Key Trade Show [WSJ]


    That looks more PS2-esque than PS4-ish. Who knows maybe SONY will go for a modern-retro/retro-modern look? Harking back to the age old designs of 2000.

    I'm not ready to pony up for a new generation of home consoles; particularly with the Vita coming out this year.

    Thank Heavens.

      If the PS4 is announced this year, it won't be OUT this year.

        Don't be so sure:

          That move arguably killed them - they invested so much and got so little return they were never able to pull them out of the hole they'd dug. Id think Sony would know better.

    Sorry but these comments mean nothing... it's just typical PR spin. What would be the point of him saying "yes we are announcing a PS4 at E3", it would only murder sales of the current system and also kill any hype created at the announcement. At no point is he quoted as saying "We will not announce a Playstation 4 at E3".

      very good point. Although the ps2 had an uncanny shelf life for a console. Perhaps they aim to try to replicate that success?

      I wonder how much the eventually announced PS4 will cost too?

      Did you read the WSJ article?

      “Andy (House) is absolutely right in that we are not making any announcements at E3,"

      That's a direct quote. If they do announce something at E3 then Kaz is fucking lying.

    It might be fair to assume that SCE have concluded that the PS3 is capable of competing with Wii U - this could well be fair enough, however will it be able to compete with the new Xbox?

    Microsoft have made strong inroads towards equipping the xbox with multimedia functionality, which was (blu ray) one of the primary points of sale for the PS3 upon it's release.

    What do we reckon yo?

    If they said they were announcing new hardware at E3, sales of the PS3 would tank for the rest of the year, so they're not about to do that.

    Doesn't matter anyway, they can't afford to launch a new home system yet, especially with the Vita still very fresh.

      I believe they can afford to release a new system. I didn't like the PSP one bit nor am I going to fork out the dosh for a Vita; though, if Sony are going to add any functionality of the Vita on the PS4, then the quicker they get it out the better. Even if the Vita acts as a remote or you can stream the Vita to the PS4 or vise versa, then it cant come quick enough.

      Even if the PS4/Vita has something similar to Apple's Home Sharing, then I say release it now!

      With the day's of Multimedia in the systems here, surely the PS4 and the Vita are going to work together.

      I haven't been keeping up with Vita news as I'm not interested. So I could be way off the money.

      If they were to say you can keep your PS4 on standby mode and have an optional game stacker, then you can use a Sony version of Remote Desktop to go into the PS4 and play games on the Vita screen... then wow. Watch sales go through the roof!

    I think Sony are just trying to find a way to make a new product that they don't make a loss on :P so give them some time.

    That concept image doesn't look too good. I hope the PS4 comes out after all the good games coming this year and not too early.

    Damn it, im sick of playing nerfed games on the PC because of outdated consoles holding everything back. Arghh. Pick up your game slackers.

      devs can do awsome pc versions they're just to lazy or there isn't enough money to make it viable, hardly the game consoles fault.

        Well yes it is the console's and their 5-6 year old tech that's holding the whole indusdry back.If games plateu out in the next year or two it might lead to a game indusdry crash as with no new tech or innovations games will feel stale, you can only expect people to buy the same games with the same graphics so many times(C.O.D.,uncharted Etc.

          No, Boomzzilla. That is a myth.

          Gaming is held back because of developers and/or publishers not taking risks.

          The hardware is errelivant. Don't believe me? Look at Nintendo's track record. When others were pushing 16 hardware, Nintendo still out did them with their 8-Bit NES because in the end it is about the game.

      If developers are still not developing games on the 360 and PS3, close to the full potential of the system, then what's the point of bringing out a new system?

    What more advances are there to explore now though? We've got Blu-ray, 3D, HD, motion gaming and pretty decent cpu speeds so whats next? 4D? When you get shot in game you bleed?

      Significantly better AI and phsyics, which could open up whole new possibilities for gameplay.

        Sure there's always room for improvement as far as processors go dual, quad, oct, etc but the real trick is selling it to the public. Most people don't really care how many cores are operating beneath the hood, they want something new, a new way to experience gaming, movies and internet stuff.

        Think of the leaps between the PS1, PS2 and PS3 not just in terms of the games and their physics/graphics but in how the console is used. PS1 played games and cds (previously it was mostly cartridges), PS2 could play games, cds AND dvds and kicked off multiplayer via internet (albeit very poorly in my experince) and now PS3 plays games, cds, dvds, blu-rays, has usb connectivity with drives, it now has motion gaming with the move, has internet browsing capabilities and games with multiplay via the net internationally is the norm and of course 3D. That's a pretty long list and there's not that much else going on in other forms of media (besides the wii-u/apple eco system type deal) that can be incorporated right now. SONY would be much better off developing the technologies it's sunk it's teeth into now (3D mainly) and doing R&D into what the NEXT big phenomenon will be so it can bank on it in an appropriate time frame (unlike motion gaming which they severley underestimated).

      I was thinking this - the PS3 still has a lot of life in it I think. I mean, graphically it's probably not a nerds dream, but it is the best of the consoles and... yeah. I dunno, I can't see it coming this year or the next. NOT THAT I KNOW SHIT.

        Yeah i now think the ps3 has better graphics after seeing Uncharted 3, the problem they had in the past is most were ported from 360, so they xbox tended to have better graphics.

      The biggest issues with the PS3 are:
      Storage I/O: 30MB/s (Combined blu-ray and HDD) is too slow
      RSX (Obsolete when first released, underpowered compared to the Cell)
      Memory (256MB main is a joke these days (256MB is fine for video RAM))

      Providing those areas aren't a problem with the PS4, Sony will do well.

        30mb/s is heaps fast. ur not meant to play blu-ray stuff of a harddrive anyways
        and the ram is plenty for the specialised gaming OS the ps3 runs. its not like its a computer that has to have a large amount ram to run heaps of processes and stuff. its just meant for playing games and watching movies in the long run.

    Can Sony really afford to come out last again,that 1 or 2 year head start the 360 had more than enough for the PS3 to still be playing catch up.

      I think it's widely accepted now that the PS3 will end up selling greater numbers than the 360 and at the end of the day thats what matters.

    2016 is unrealistic considering what PC's can do. 8 years is more like it - imo they should be able to announce the ps4 next year and release in 2014. Otherwise I really wont be playing mine much when minor upgrades to my PC will give me the experience I want.

    sif they wont, i don't think they would sit by as Microsoft launched the next gen console

    There better be or Sony will end up even more fucked than they are now. The number one reason the 360 is so successful was because of the momentum and wow factor it had for the 12 months is was out uncontested. Sony will fall on their own sword of arrogance if there isn't even an announcement. (I have owned every PlayStation device released, and never owned an Xbox).

    I'm very happy with the ps3, but I really hope they do announce the ps4 and then release in 2013. I can't wait longer and I think it would be a bad idea for Sony to.

    I don't really expect Sony to come out and say "yes we will announce the ps4 at E3" That would be a bad idea and would spoil the surprise. So I still have hope they will announce it.

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