Somebody Built An Actual Minecraft Village, And It Is Amazing

Oh man. So, the tech that lets you print 3D recreations of in-game objects in Minecraft can be used for a lot more than objects. You can recreate entire villages using it. Then build them and sit them on your desk.

A Flickr user by the name of post-apocalyptic research institute has printed, glued and arranged a ton of little sculptures to create an amazing little Minecraft village, recreated down to the tiniest block.

While it doesn't use the Mineways program we showed you the other day, it was a similar process: export objects, print them on a 3D printer, then marvel at the magic of the whole thing.

3D Printed Minecraft Village [Flickr]



    wow this is the most amazing thing ive seen all week!

    This looks pretty damn cool!

    Reminds me so much of the areas/cities from the Assassin's Creed series (especially 2 & Brotherhood!)

    Epic. I must get my partner to migrate from Terraria to Minecraft.

    Reminds me more of 3D Dot Game Heroes more than anything I've seen of minecraft.

    What texture pack is this?

    This brings back memories of a school project years ago, only mine was slightly less grandiose...

    Chicken wire molded into cubes, covered with papier mache.

    Very nicely done!

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