South Korea Won't Muck Up Diablo III's Release

There was concern that South Korea's rating board was throwing a monkey wrench in Diablo III's certification. If the game went unrated, then Blizzard's planned worldwide release would go right out the window.

The Korean Game Rating Board finally rated the game, giving it an 18-and-up rating. What was holding up the game's rating was the Diablo III's "auction house" feature.

Now that's rated, all systems go for a worldwide release!

등급분류결정 확인 [Game Rating Board via DualShockers]


    w00t w00t

    YEAH!! Ohhangon- forgot the DRM. Is the always-on DRM still in it? If not- INSTAPURCHASE :)

    Even though blizzard had already stated that this being delayed wouldnt effect release it is still good to know :)

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