That Game About Dating And Disabled Girls Actually Got Made

Nearly two years ago, Leigh wrote a great column on a dating game called Katawa Shoujo being made by members of a 4chan group. What made it stand out were two things: one, it's been in some kind of development for over a decade, and two, it was a dating game based on girls at a school for disabled teenagers.

Regardless of what you think of the game's content, the fact it came from a messageboard story, took that long to complete and involved over 20 developers working around the world is pretty damn interesting.

Those interested (and over 18, as it's an erotic dating sim) know that it's now been finished and is available to play on Windows, Mac and Linux systems.

Katawa Shoujo Released [Katawa Shoujo]

Romance With Disabled Girls: How (And Maybe Why) An Unusual Video Game Came To Be [Kotaku]


    I approve of this & congratulate them on a job well done.

    For those of you wondering where the above artwork came from, here:

    Do take note that if you're not interested in that stuff, there's an option to turn off the game's erotic content.

    Sounds like my kind of strangeness.

    *Awards game the title of "longest period of gaming without ever actually interacting with anything period" which is amazing considering MGS4 was the previous champ.

    Oh wow I'm really glad Kotaku decided to write an article about Katawa Shoujo.

    If anyone ever played the demo then they know how amazing it is and the long long wait for it to finally release T_T

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